Health Experts warn: poultry, you should never wash

Experts warn: poultry, you should never wash


The danger lurks on raw poultry: Campylobacter feel especially at home here and can pain when Mitverzehr to the stomach, Nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. The Wash does not do, however, is that it reduces pathogens the risk of infection with the disease, but the exact opposite.

Washing poultry increases risk of infection

By the Washing of poultry Campylobacter are spread by flying drops in case of doubt, go unnoticed on work surfaces, floors, and other foods. Up to half a Meter the water when you Rinse in the room, and new foci of infection create. The risk of infection increases according to the British “National Health Service” (NHS) many times.

Freezing reduces the number of bacteria on the meat, the de-icing water can Campylobacter, however, still included and should be disposed of immediately. Pre-packaged meat, it cleans the most useful and safest, by abtupft it before preparation gently with kitchen paper. The kitchen paper and dispose of it immediately and wash the hands, without detours with warm water and soap.

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Reportable Infection

Infections with Campylobacter include poisoning the most common food, are but characteristically, first of all, for a couple of days unnoticed. Although a single contact with contaminated meat is not sufficient for Transmission, the complaints often three to four days later. In the course of the disease, the convalescence is usually sufficient to replace lost minerals and to provide for a balancing of fluid intake. Since infected individuals excrete the infective bacteria in the following two to four weeks, it is advisable to stay home.

In the case of a known Campylobacter infection, the treating physician must report the disease to the authorities. Antibiotics can usually be dispensed with. Special caution, however, is Pregnant with ill young children and immune-weak as well as older people offered. For an infection in the worst case, can even be fatal.

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How come Campylobacter into poultry?

Campylobacter are located in the intestine of the animals. If this is injured in the battle process may distribute the bacteria in the meat.

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To avoid food poisoning

Good kitchen hygiene is the most important prevention. This includes the correct storage of food, as well as frequent hand washing with soap, particularly after contact with raw meat products. Meat should be processed before Cooking separately from other foods. Also cutting boards need to be sufficiently cleaned. In any case, you should cut vegetables or salad where previously raw meat was – the pad must be cleaned in between necessarily.

For all the caution: Thus, frozen chicken and other poultry meat evenly cooks, it should unfreeze the consumer according to the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) in front of the preparation, preferably in the fridge. Thus, the propagation of germs is reduced to the meat surface.


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