Experts believe that February will be the key month to bend the Covid curve

The experts point to February as the key month for bend the coronavirus curve two weeks after the Christmas holidays. Some say so.

For the moment the cumulative incidence it continues at 3,279 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days. Although in recent days there has been a downward trend.

This trend is confirmed by the latest data provided by autonomous communities such as Catalonia and Andalusia. All of them register fewer cases than a week ago.

very high data

Galicia registers 1,456 cases of coronavirus, Navarra 1,923 cases or Andalusia with 7,625 cases. However, there are communities that register an increase. It is the case of the Valencian Community, where 26,674 cases have been registered.

The Valencian Community registers almost a record of infections with 26,674 cases of coronavirus in the last recorded day. In addition, they have registered 25 people who died in this last week with ages between 50 and 100 years.

In the hospitals in Castellón, Valencia and Alicante 190 patients are in the Intensive Care Units (ICU).

Catalonia registers a slight decrease in positives, but the data remains high. The pressure in Catalan hospitals does not drop, since it is still above 2,700 hospitalized for coronavirus.

Better data than a year ago

The vaccine against coronavirus It has caused the contagion data to improve from one year to the next. In terms of hospitalizations, there is also an improvement compared to last year’s income.

It starts at the beginning of January at a similar value with 12,942 hospitalizations this year compared to 13,458 in 2021. However, the figure is separating as the month progresses.

In the middle of the month, after Christmas, last year’s figure doubles to 18,215 hospitalized. In contrast, this year 17,269 hospitalizations have been registered.

A week later, it can be seen how the data is maintained thanks to vaccination with 18,934 cases this year 2022 compared to 25,228 the previous year.

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