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Expert of infectious diseases: SK The Turning of the tiger is a predator to the cat – statement Health – life


Still, the novel coronavirus is running the world and health workers since the outbreak in December last until the day regularly, new research and tests heal the boil and continue to the desired goal.

In the last gasps of the pandemic, toggle expert Italian infectious disease near disappearance of the epidemic on his own, so under low power and “Tiger predator” several months ago, to “bobcat” currently.

In detail, reported by Matteo Bassani, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Genoa, the newspaper “Telegraph” the British that MERS-CoV has the ferocity of last month, indicating that patients who were dying in the arena, are starting to learn now.

He added that most of the photographers who enter the emergency room during the months of March and April were very ill due to acute respiratory distress syndrome, and organ failure multi, and died mostly in the first days, but now so we don’t see cases like this, according to his assertion, saying: if the virus was to be the predator in the months mentioned, tomorrow the day like Bree.

It also noted that even older patients who are between the ages of 80 and 90 years old, are today lying in bed and breathe without help, and it was possible to die these same patients during two or three days previously.

No need to virus?

In the context, also, continued the expert Italian to the low number of cases can mean not having to the vaccine, because the virus might never come back and can die on his own”, indicating that he builds his opinion on the laboratory results confirmed, but only through its interactions with patients and talks with other doctors, according to the net.

However, the statements of Basi did not find acceptance by many experts around the world, among them professor at the University of Exeter British Bharat seen which reduced the idea of the disappearance of the virus on its own in the short term.

Said, seen “I do not expect to die quickly, it will happen, when there are no injuries, and when we have a vaccine that is successful, then we’ll be able to do what we did with smallpox”.

He added, “because the virus is highly contagious and widespread, it won’t disappear for a very long time, we’re talking about years and years”.

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