Exciting 360-degree 3D video tour

The Operetta Theater in a new technology unique in Latvia has created an exciting educational lecture – the show “Operetta Creative Laboratory”, which can be viewed with 3D glasses of virtual reality. During the lecture, the viewer has the opportunity to virtually get to the center of the production on stage, in the hall or behind the scenes at the VEF Culture Palace, experiencing the effect of a surprisingly real presence and actively following events around a 360-degree radius.

Any school can watch the lecture program “Latvian School Bag”, and, as Agija Ozoliņa-Kozlovska, the director of the Operetta Theater, emphasizes, the lecture can be organized at any time and place, even outside the school premises during the summer.

In this program, the children will go on a virtual tour with the most popular children’s opera characters Carlson (from the show “Carlson”) and Pauka and Šmauka (from the show “Paukojam un Šmaukojam”). During the trip, spectators will arrive in the Wild West, where they will meet representatives of two ancient Indian tribes, who, after a protracted conflict, will once again find common ground and regain peace thanks to Carlson, Pauk and Schmauk.

It will also be possible to find out how the genre of operetta and musical theater differs from dramatic theater, which is acting and what can be considered real choreography, what is scenography and why props are needed; where the theater is located in the theater, and where – the balcony, which is the backdrop of the mystical stage and other terms. A separate episode is dedicated to theatrical makeup and costumes.

According to the creators of the virtual tour, another important benefit of the show is morality: how important it is to respect and love each other, to live in a friendly way, listening to fellow human beings.

Both the picture and the sound for this program are recorded with a unique 360-degree reception equipment. The program is recommended for viewers from 6 to 12 years of age, but the technology and information used will also be interesting for older children. The total length of the event is 50 minutes.

Virtual Reality Glasses (VBBs) are a computerized device that delivers a virtual reality experience that is fully immersive and engaging. It is the latest hardware with a fast processor and a high-resolution display. The glasses have a three-dimensional video filmed with a 360-degree video camera, so everyone who uses VRB experiences virtual reality in real life, in any place of their choice indoors or even outdoors. With VRB, the process of cultural perception and learning becomes unusually exciting. With VRB, you can virtually get the best spot in the hall, on stage or even behind the scenes, and have an amazing face-to-face experience. VRB’s virtual 360 ° ambient sphere allows the wearer to look in all directions around them, and an important aspect of the glasses is the 3D special effect.

You can apply for the lecture on the Operetta Theater website.

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