Excellent start of the Traditional Corsos Colonenses 2022

At Washington Square Circuit The most popular party in the city began last Friday, the Traditional Corsican Colonenses, which will continue on Saturday and Sunday if weather conditions allow it. Murgas and troupes (major and minor), batucadas and floats of the clubs together with the suits, the goofs, bigheads Y figureheads they generated a unique and emotional framework in colonenses and tourists, highlighting the neighborhood, popular and traditional feeling that Corsicans have. They began around 11 pm with a large audience that came to witness this first night where the foam games also added color to the party.

on street April 12th there was a parade that had hundreds of individual motifs, among which stood out masks, maruchas and big heads, older murgas (“Vendaval”, “Lirios del Plata”, “Here is the one that was missing” and “Mamambrú”), older batucadas (“Ivy-Marey” and Camba-Cuá”), murgas minors (“Luz de Luna”, “Rebeldes del Sur” and “Se Corre la Bola”) and a children’s drumming (“Sambatuca Beauty”). The event also featured a major troupe and floats from sports institutions.

The Traditional Corsican Colonenses 2022 They take place the last three weekends of January at the Washington Plaza Circuit. The ticket office will open at 9:00 p.m. while the show will start at 10:30 p.m. The value of the tickets will be $200 for the general entry for seniors, $100 for the entry for senior residents and $50 for minors.

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