Ex-wife in attack! Infidelity can bring a sports megstar to almost 8 billion

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According to the National Enquirer, Woods, a former golf star who is still recovering from a serious car accident, wants to remarry his ex-wife, Elin. The tabloid states that Woods asked Nordegren for a hand last Christmas, but she gave birth to her current partner Jordan Cameron, an NFL player, last year.

The letter states that Nordegren is considering Woods’ proposal, but only on the condition that the golfer accepts a prenuptial agreement that includes a clause that if Woods bends his wife again, he will have to pay her $ 350 million, less than eight billion crowns. which is about more than half of his assets.

Tiger Woods with his ex-wife.

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Nordegren and Woods got engaged in 2003, and got married a year later. On Thanksgiving Day 2009, the former model learned of her husband’s infidelities and filed for divorce. It took place a year later. The former couple have two sons together.

Woods posted the first photo after the accident, with crutches on the golf course

Both are now officially assigned what the truth is on their planned return, time will tell.


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