World Ex-security adviser casts Trump in front of the abuse...

Ex-security adviser casts Trump in front of the abuse of power


John Bolton, former National security Advisor, Donald Trump, has written a book about his time in the White house. In it, he makes the President serious allegations.

Foreign policy based on gut feeling, dangerous ignorance, and an irrepressible desire for a second term, which is more important to him than the interests of the country: The former US national security Advisor John Bolton has a massive allegations against President Donald Trump collected. In his tell-all book Bolton writes that Trump by the Chinese head of state had requested Xi Jinping repeated the help for the targeted re-election in the coming November. The reports, “Wall Street Journal” and “New York Times“.

“It is really difficult to identify any significant decision-making Trumps during my time in the White house, which was not driven by Considerations for his re-election,” wrote Bolton in a pre “Wall Street Journal” published Chapter. Even the struggle with China, a trade agreement I want to use Trump openly for his re-election, reported the “New York Times” citing the book, to be published next Tuesday – if it is not blocked at the request of the White house by a court.

Further it is said that Trump had repeatedly prevented a criminal investigation in favor of him to love “dictators”, in addition to China, also in relation to Turkey. “The pattern of behavior appeared to be obstruction of justice as an everyday business and what we could not accept,” writes Bolton according to the Reports. He was Minister of his concerns at that time, in writing, to justice William Barr directed, explained Bolton.

“Xi begged, his victory sure”

Regarding China, Trump at a Meeting behind closed doors in June 2019 have on China’s economy plays “and Xi begged, his victory sure,” it said. “He stressed the importance of farmers and increase in Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat for the outcome of the election”, is Bolton cited more.

Trump had started a trade dispute with China. Last January, the two countries signed a trade agreement in which Beijing promised to buy for over two years in addition, US goods to the value of $ 200 billion.

Bolton’s book is to appear next Tuesday. The White house and China has not responded yet to the allegations.

Gut feelings and ignorance

Bolton, who had worked as a security consultant to work closely with the President, accused Trump, too, based its foreign policy often based on gut feeling and ignorance. The President didn’t know, for example, that the UK is a nuclear power and a Times also asked whether Finland belonged to Russia.

Bolton also stated that it was clear that trump’s personal diplomacy with the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un to never lead to a satisfactory result would be. In addition, Trump is supposed to have a Nato-outlet very seriously considered.

Government paper has tried to prevent the publication

Bolton comes to the conclusion that impeachment proceedings against Trump, not only because of the allegations in the Ukraine Affair have been justified would be. The book bears the title “The Room Where It Happened” (for example: The room in which it happened). The The White House tried to prevent the publication by action on the ground that Bolton spread therein the secret information and thereby jeopardising national security. Bolton have received from the publisher about two million dollars (1.78 million euros) for the book, it was more. The publisher Simon & Schuster criticized the action with sharp and spoke of the efforts of the President’s undesirable information to the press.

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Trump had dismissed his Familiar Bolton in September after almost one and a half years as a security consultant – Bolton says he got terminated. He has already announced that he will present in due time his view on things.So far there was no book Trumps the tightest inner circle in the White house, in which the author’s name was known, there was an anonymous book.

Bolton had refused, however, at the beginning of the year, in the impeachment proceedings against Trump because of the Ukraine affair, the house of representatives without a subpoena to testify. Critics accuse him, therefore, to act hypocritically, and just want as much Profit as possible from his book beat. The Democrats had limited their investigation for political reasons, only to the Ukraine to complete the procedure quickly, he wrote. It would have been a broader investigation, he would have testified, he claimed. Then the procedure would be considered perhaps different, speculated he.

The democratic Deputy Adam Schiff, who managed the impeachment leader, rejected Bolton’s presentation. Some of Bolton’s staff would have had to lose “a lot” and with your statement in the Parliament, “real courage is”. Bolton have, however, saved it all for his book. “He may be a writer, but not a Patriot,” wrote the ship on Twitter.

“A President is allowed to the legitimate Power of the government not to abuse”

Bolton describes in the Chapter in the “Wall Street Journal” also, as Xi Trump at a G-20 summit, apparently, thoroughly flattered to the US President’s spontaneous concessions to force. Trump’s advisors had made an effort in hindsight, the Situation is almost back, he wrote. At a subsequent Meeting, Trump Xi have even said that this was “the greatest leader in Chinese history”. The situation of human rights in China – the democracy movement in Hong Kong, or the situation of the oppressed Muslim minority, the Uighurs, had not interested in Trump accordingly.

“A President is allowed to the legitimate Power of the government not to abuse, in which he puts his personal interests with the interests of the country, or through the Inventing of excuses to have the Track to advance personal interests under the pretext of the interests of the country,” wrote Bolton, according to the Reports, about Trump.

The tight conservative force Republicans, Bolton has for decades been active in politics. Under President George W. Bush about Bolton, among other things, the foreign politically significant body of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in New York held. Bolton is also since Long been known for its tough stance towards Iran and North Korea are known. Disagreements regarding the policy towards these States were apparently also moving him to the finish.



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