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Ex-consultant Bolton does in the book serious allegations against Trump


The US President will be leading a foreign policy based on “gut feeling and ignorance,” said the former National security adviser John Bolton. The Department of justice in Washington requested an injunction against the publication.

Donald trump’s former National security adviser John Bolton casts the President in a tell-all book repeated abuse of power and part of serious ignorance. The “New York Times” reported on Wednesday, citing the not-yet-published book about the allegations.

Bolton writes, therefore, that impeachment proceedings against Trump, not only because of the allegations in the Ukraine affair, but also because of other cases would have been justified.

He had on several occasions prevented a criminal investigation in favor of him to love “dictators”, such as China and Turkey, wrote to Bolton according to the paper. “The pattern of behavior appeared to be obstruction of justice as an everyday business and what we could not accept,” wrote Bolton accordingly. He had directed his concerns at the time, in writing, to the Minister of justice, William Barr’s name.

Negotiations with China for re-election

Regarding China, Trump had made in the negotiations of a trade agreement on several occasions clear that he was concerned to achieve a result that would allow him to win the US election in November in the agricultural States, wrote Bolton accordingly. China’s promise to buy more agricultural products, were an important part of the agreement.

At a Meeting behind closed doors in June 2019 to happen, was quoted by the Washington Post on Wednesday from the unpublished tell-all book Boltons, have Trump on China’s economic power alluded to as “and Xi begged, his victory sure,” it said. “He stressed the importance of farmers and increase in Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat for the outcome of the election”, is Bolton cited more. The trade representative of the US government, Robert Lighthizer, rejected Bolton’s claims about Trump and Xi as “completely crazy”. “I can’t remember that this ever happened. I don’t think it’s true,” he said in a Senate hearing.

Gut feelings and ignorance

Bolton, who had worked as a security consultant to work closely with the President, accused Trump, too, based its foreign policy often based on gut feeling and ignorance. The President didn’t know, for example, that the UK is a nuclear power and once also asked whether Finland belong to Russia, such as Bolton in the book of the New York Times that describes. Bolton also stated that it was clear that trump would result in personal diplomacy with the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un never to a satisfactory result. In addition, Trump is supposed to have a Nato-outlet very seriously considered.

“He has broken the law,” said Trump on Wednesday evening (local time) in an Interview with the TV channel Fox. The known information is from Bolton’s book to be classified as secret. Trump did not directly on whether Bolton’s votes allegations or not. The “Wall Street Journal” referred Trump Bolton, meanwhile, as a “liar” that everyone hated in the White house.

Lawsuit against the publication

The US government had on Tuesday Lawsuit against the publication of the paper submitted. Bolton spread secret information and endanger the publication of the national security, it was said to the grounds. The publisher Simon & Schuster criticized the action with sharp and spoke of the efforts of the President’s undesirable information to the press. Previously, there was no book Trumps the tightest inner circle in the White house, in which the author’s name was known, there was an anonymous book.

Trump had hate in his Familiar Bolton in September after almost one and a half years as a security consultant because of disagreements. Bolton has already announced that he will present in due time his view on things. Bolton had refused, however, at the beginning of the year, in the impeachment proceedings against Trump because of the Ukraine affair, the house of representatives without a subpoena to testify. Critics accuse him, therefore, to act hypocritically, and just want as much Profit as possible from his book beat.

Book deal for two million dollars

The work with the title “The Room Where It Happened” (for example: The room in which it happened), was originally supposed to appear in March, the publication was however stopped by the White house. Now it should actually come on Tuesday to get out. Bolton wanted to comment also on Sunday, in a detailed TV interview to. In the lawsuit by Tuesday, it was said, Bolton have received from the publisher about two million dollars (1.78 million euros) for the book.

The US government has intensified its legal action against the publication of the book as well. The Department of justice in Washington requested on Wednesday to the court to stop the publication by injunction.

Minister of justice, William Barr had said on Monday, Bolton have not gone through the prescribed process, to passages of the book by the White house release. Trump said that Bolton was not known to always tell the truth. According to the publisher, the book draws the picture of a President who is “addicted to Chaos”. Trump, it was always about his re-election went.



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