Business EU's competition authorities initiate two antitrust proceedings against Apple

EU’s competition authorities initiate two antitrust proceedings against Apple


EU competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager lays with Apple. Image: AP

Therefore, the EU launches two antitrust proceedings against Apple

Apple is scare and competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager will initiate two proceedings against the iPhone group. Competitors accuse Apple of his market power to abuse it.

Apple is playing unfair? The EU Commission shall, after complaints from competitors, whether Apple operates unfair competition in its App Store, and payment system, Apple Pay. Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager announced on Tuesday two official procedure.

For example, the music service Spotify values in Brussels on the discharge of 30 or 15 percent on subscription revenue in the App Store, the disadvantage to him, therefore, against Apple’s own offering. In the case of Apple Pay, criticised the banks, among other things, that you don’t have access to Apple over on the NFC Chip for contactless payments. Also Twint, for example, is affected.

The debate on both points, there is a long time. Apple Pay is the only way to get on iPhones access to the NFC Chip that you can use the phone at the checkout instead of a Bank card. Apple sees this as a technical solution to ensure the safety and security of the payments and assures that any wool of the access to Apple Pay, it also get.

Terms and conditions, distort competition

The Commission, after a preliminary examination, however, concerns that the terms and conditions of Apple to distort the competition and consumer choice, reduce. “Apple lays down clearly the conditions for the use of Apple Pay in commercial Apps and Websites,” said Vestager. “Apple does not deprive the consumers with its measures, but the benefits of the new payment technologies.” Google makes the NFC interface in Android other providers accessible. So the customers have the choice of whether you want to use Google Pay or rival offerings like Samsung Pay, etc.

App developers vs. Apple

In the App Store, Apple requires since the launch of the Download platform, 2008, in principle, a levy of 30 per cent to revenue with digital services or products. In the case of longer subscriptions, the Commission drops to 15 percent. The video service Netflix, for example, is not, under these circumstances, his subscriptions directly in the Apps on Apple devices. Spotify sent because of the practice in the spring of last year, a complaint to the EU Commission. The company sees itself at a disadvantage, because Apple could keep as a platform operator, the streaming service Apple Music the entire amount. The “Financial Times”, according to the Japanese company Kobo joined recently this complaint, with a view to its E-Book business Kobo.

In addition, the competition want to take guardians of restrictions in the view, according to App-developers the users are not allowed to inform about alternative, and often more favourable purchase options outside of the Apps. “It seems that Apple have taken the distribution of Apps and content to users of the popular Apple devices, the role of a “wicket”,” said Vestager. It must be ensured that this will lead to a distortion of competition.

Apple: Baseless Complaints

Apple rejected the allegations on Tuesday. “It is disappointing that the European Commission is less company follows the unfounded complaints of a few who want a free ticket, instead of playing by the same rules as everyone else,” said a spokesman. Apple does not think that is right. “We want to maintain equal conditions of competition for all, so that everyone can have a good idea and determination for success.”

In the night of Tuesday, Apple pulled another line of reasoning. The group pointed to a study by the analysis company Analysis Group, according to which in the year 2019, around 80 percent of App revenues by a total of 519 billion dollars with the sale of physical goods and services has been. Thus, the major part of the proceeds in Apps free from Apple’s taxes. The business with digital services, from power, therefore, only twelve percent of the proceeds. In the case of the physical Redeem Apps from retailers in the lead with 268 billion dollars. In the category about plane tickets and travel services but.

The EU competition authorities take for years American technology platforms under the magnifying glass. Against Google imposed Vestager in three procedures, Fines of a total of 8.25 billion dollars. It was, among other things, the Smartphone-System Android and the Shopping search with the article Offered. In the case of Amazon, the Commission on the question of whether the group competes unfairly with other retailers who use its platform. (oli/sda/awp/dpa)


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