Europe tightens measures against anti-vaccines due to the advance of the covid

The covid pandemic reawakens in Europe and their governments roll up their sleeves again. At the moment, the most forceful has been that of Austria. The Executive led by Alexander Van der Bellen has decided to quarantine his almost two million citizens still unvaccinated. Since yesterday they can only leave home to go to work or buy food. No restaurants, hairdressers or cinemas.

The true protagonists of the first day of confinement for the unvaccinated were, however, the smallest. Yesterday, the country began to vaccinate minors between the ages of 5 and 11 with the Pfizer / Biontech formula, which still does not have the approval of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), but with that of its American counterpart, the FDA. The aim is to put a stop to a virus that spreads easily driven by the reluctance of the elderly to puncture themselves. With the child population all forecasts were broken. In Vienna, the 9,000 appointments scheduled for yesterday Monday had sold out in the early hours.

The Central European country is moved by the enormous concern of having one of the lowest vaccination rates in Europe, 65%. But the threat of a new wave of coronavirus looms over the entire Old Continent. The anticovid measures return little by little.


Mandatory vaccinations for some workers


The future German government is considering tackling the new wave of coronavirus with mandatory vaccinations for certain professions. The parties negotiating the new coalition in Berlin – Social Democrats (SPD), Greens and Liberals (FDP) – are studying ordering the immunization of nursing home workers and the chronically ill, as well as daycare staff. “We are going to move it forward,” announced the parliamentary leader of The Greens, Katrin Göring-Eckardt.

Although the new Executive is not yet constituted and the cabinet of Chancellor Angela Merkel continues in office, SPD, Greens and FDP have a sufficient parliamentary majority to legislate. The Merkel government had so far avoided dictating forced vaccinations, despite growing demands from the scientific world, which calls for the urgent immunization of those who care for the most vulnerable people. Göring-Eckardt pointed out that the tripartite contemplates in the reform of the law for the prevention of infections to drastically limit the social contacts of the unimmunized, as well as to require a negative test in public transport regardless of the mandatory use of masks. This measure will not be verified when accessing buses or trains, but those who control the tickets will verify that passengers comply with the rules for the unvaccinated, who will be fined harshly if they violate them. The leader of the Greens ruled out for Germany a measure as drastic as confinement as in Austria.


Health passport to lead a normal life

The country of freedoms was the first to adopt measures against the unvaccinated, understanding that the right to public health prevails over all individuals who demand anti-vaccines. The health passport is required from the beginning of August to enter bars and restaurants, including terraces, and museums. In general for all leisure, cultural and sports activities. The measure was designed to last until yesterday, November 15, but it will be extended until July 31, 2022. Prevention is king. In addition, the Government of Emmanuel Macron has decided to require the third puncture for those over 65, which will be mandatory to obtain the covid certificate. France was also the first country to require full vaccination of healthcare personnel, under the risk of being suspended from employment with salary deductions.


Vaccination certificate or daily PCR to go to work

Italy has also been firm with the obligation to be vaccinated. From October 15, it is mandatory to present the health pass to enter the workplace. Either the complete vaccination certificate is given or a negative test of infection is presented every day. 10% of workers have not been immunized and many of them are against doing so. The third dose of the vaccine has already reached those over 40 years of age, given the rebound in infection. The Police, meanwhile, have searched the homes of 17 anti-vaccine activists who encouraged through the internet to use weapons and to commit attacks against President Draghi and other institutions.

United Kingdom

All toilets must be immunized by April 1

The United Kingdom was the European country that ran the most in vaccination. Either because he opted for the local formula of Astrazeneca, less powerful, because it delayed the injection of the second dose excessively to reach the entire population, because of the fall in antibodies six months after vaccination or because of everything a little, the cases they have shot up again in the country. Now, the government has decided that all toilets are vaccinated before April 1, or risk losing their jobs. Boris Johnson’s Executive is also considering recovering certain restrictions before the end of the year.


Professional sports are once again without an audience

The need to put a stop to the new outbreak of covid has led the Dutch Government to decree a partial three-week quarantine, which includes the closure of bars, restaurants and supermarkets at eight at night. With one exception, the ‘nonessential’ trade lowers the blind two hours early. In addition, the official matches of professional sports are already played without spectators. With 85% of the population vaccinated, the Netherlands is currently facing its peak levels of contagion.


FFP2 masks to attend class at the University

The situation has become so complicated in the Czech Republic that the Government has decided to tighten the measures since yesterday. For starters, unvaccinated hospital workers will need to be tested every day. At the University, the use of FFP2 masks or similar is already mandatory in classrooms and spaces with more than 50 people. The Executive already offers free vaccination to all foreign residents. Health is studying requesting PCR tests or vaccination certificates to access restaurants and cultural events.


Random border control and sanitary vaccination

Norway recovers restrictions. It has begun to carry out random controls at the borders and the mandatory vaccination for health personnel in contact with covid patients is being proposed.


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