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Messina’s team overwhelms the Greeks 75-54 at the Forum in the 15th round, changing gears after the interval

Second consecutive success in the Euroleague for the AX Milano who put out Panathinaikos, 75-54, and remains at third place in the standings. Olimpia who takes the reins of the challenge after the long break, dragged by the plays of Hall and the consistency of Hines, Rodriguez and Melli. The Greeks, after a promising start signed by Macon, are extinguished at a distance.

the race

Start with high pace for both teams, Macon responds to Hines and Shields, 6-6. Without fear Panathinaikos tries to attack the Milanese defense aggressively, White also scores 9-10. Olimpia who has excellent attacking percentages but suffers Macon’s raids in the other half, 13-13. The defensive intensity of the match rises with Melli protagonist among the Milanese, the Greeks reply with the same coin and still keep their heads ahead after the barrels of Kaselakis and Bochoridis, 15-19. Hall, Daniels and Rodriguez give sprint and panache to the red and white attack, the Spaniard gives an assist to the kiss that Melli converts with the dunk of parity, 21-21. The Chacho does not stop and puts the arrow with a bomb, the guests do not give up and rely on the energy of Evans and Sant-Roos, 27-27. The Milanese outsiders bite and make the green-and-whites conclusions more and more complex, Olimpia ahead of the long break, 33-29. Milan stretches after the interval with the quick hands of Melli the main ingredient that gives the first double-digit advantage for the hosts, 40-29 stamped by Delaney. Fly away the AX dragged by the talent of the former Barcelona, ​​Hall certifies the escape of the troops of coach Messina, 45-29. Perry tries to shake the Pana, the zone of coach Priftis creates some embarrassment to the Milanese attack, Evans brings back the Athenians, 45-37. Lightning that Rodriguez promptly turns off in collaboration with a monumental Hines, Olimpia, mistress of the match at the penultimate siren, 57-42. The Greeks do not give up trying to return with Kaselakis and Papapetrou, White signs the new minus 10, 59-49. Hall’s impact on the Milanese home is important, the improvisations of the former Bamberg give new life to the AX, 66-49. It is the decisive shoulder as Hall’s personal show continues, the Pana plummets to -18, 69-51. Final on velvet for Milan who calmly manages the attempts to return Pana, by Shields the bang of the stirrup, 72-54.
Milano: Hall 19, Hines 14, Melli, Daniels e Shields 9
Panathinaikos: Macon 14, Perry 7, Kaselakis and White 6


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