Eugenio Pizzuto is fired from Lille OSC

Eugenio Pizzuto is fired from Lille OSC. He could not even debut with the first team after a year and a half of stay; the Mexican was formed in the basic forces of CF Pachuca.

The Lille Olympic Sporting Club of France, decided to end his relationship with the Mexican defender Eugenio Pizzuto, after a year and a half of having signed the contract.

Pizzuto became the champion of the League 1 in August 2020, coming from CF Pachuca, but could never even make his debut in the French first team, due to his constant injuries.

The U17 world runner-up arrived in France when he was still not recovered from the fibula fracture suffered on the day of his debut in the first team of the Tuzos, in a game against León del Closing 2020.

Just out of rehab, and in free player quality, decided to sign with Lille OSC, where a few months later he returned to the operating room after his injury relapsed.

Eugenio Pizzuto (@losclive)

What did Eugenio Pizzuto do in France?

Not being able to play in the team of the French First Division, player Eugenio Pizzuto, of Italian descent, made sporadic appearances in Group Pro 2.

Although on several occasions he was called up to train with the first team, the day he was called up to play a Cup match, got infected with Covid-19.

A few weeks ago, Eugenio Pizzuto had started playing for the subsidiary team of the fourth division del Lillie.

The fast career of Eugenio Pizzuto

Born in San Luis Potosi 19 years ago, Eugenio Pizzuto began playing in his student days in Phoenix, and in 2018, he joined the CF Pachuca U-15 Tuzos team.

As a Mexican national team player, Pizzuto played on the teams Sub-15 y Sub-17, taking part in the World Cup of this category held in Brazil, where Mexico fell in the title game against Brazil. Pizzuto was captain of that team.

Now, without a team, the soccer player could well return to Mexico and strengthen some clubs that lack players in the defense zone, how can it be Club Tigres or Club America itself.

Eugenio Pizzuto (@stermeccionmx)


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