News Esteban Paz says that Antonio Valencia is not the...

Esteban Paz says that Antonio Valencia is not the most expensive of the template of Liga de Quito


In Liga de Quito, the leadership already plans a renewal of contract with Antonio Valencia. The Amazon-signed with the squad to dawn in 2019, when he returned to the Manchester United after a decade at the club, and 14 years in european football.

According to Esteban Paz, a leader of the club, the board, and the ‘Toño’ have already dealt with the issue of renewal, but for now it is premature. Yes, in Pomasqui and Ponciano are satisfied with Valencia, not only what he brings to the team, but what that is commercially generated for the institution.

“With Antonio we have talked several times to extend the contract, has one more year and is very happy in the League, we are covered in that topic for not to press on with a conversation. So envious generated what of Valencia the people that didn’t have as discredit, began to invent any thing, figures stupid of the envious”, said Stephen Peace, said

“The worth of Antonio is priceless for what it represents for the football ecuadorian. He didn’t come for silvercame for the return to their country and who will value those who want to assess. Let’s see if in the future we can talk about a renewal, because he wants and we also want to” said Paz in an interview in Sports Area.

The chairman of the Special Committee of Football of the club also revealed that the amazon is not the player most costly of the current template that commands the DT Paul Repetto. In addition, he was emphatic in stating that the figures that have been speculated on social networks are part of a plan to discredit the contrary Liga de Quito.

“It is not for nothing USD 140 thousand that was mentioned. Of course, we have had a injection of important sponsors, has raised the level of interaction of League to the national and international level with the arrival of Valencia, all of that allows us to generate resources,” said Peace without specifying the actual amount of received by the former player of the ‘Red Devils’.

The ex-captain of the Manchester United has played 30 matches and scored a goal. It is, in addition, the manager of the team and a magnet for commercial and image of the albos at national and international level.

“We are the ones that we are not liable and are completely at ease with Antonio. He is not the most expensive player of the League… That level of absurd opposition took the envious,” said the manager.



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