Eros Ramazzotti: “The regret of having said NO to Monica Bellucci!

Eros Ramazzotti, who has always been in the spotlight, was recently stormed by newspapers and tabloids for a shocking statement made during an interview. Apparently the famous singer would have a huge regret, that of not having courted the most beautiful woman in the world enough: Monica Bellucci! Let’s find out all the details of the story together!

It all begins with an interview released by Eros Ramazzotti – a very famous 57-year-old Italian singer and songwriter – released by Corriere della Sera. He began by congratulating the national football team on their success at Wembley, with Berrettini for finishing second at Wimbledon against one of the greatest tennis players in history and with Måneskin for igniting sparks on the Eurovision scene. He then started talking about his professional projects, career, professional development, friendship with Marco Verratti and collaboration with Fabio Rovazzi, finally giving some glimpses of his private life. And just when the speech touched his most private experiences, Eros came across a memory that aroused much controversy.

When the journalist asked Eros what he regrets most about his life, in short, which “mistake” he would never make again “, he promptly replied:” The “no” I said to Monica Bellucci. “Opening the doors to rivers of gossip, and riots on the web. The singer only added that he had had the opportunity to “seduce and court her” but that he had missed the opportunity then he did not want to reveal other details about the story but digging deeper it seems that it is the period before the wedding of the equally beautiful and very likeable Michelle Hunziker Indeed at the time Eros was at the height of his career, and his charm certainly did not go unnoticed by the girls, but did he really reject Monica Bellucci?

The meeting between them took place in 2014 during the program conducted by Fiorello Stasera pago io Revolution. “I wish I had chased the most beautiful woman in the world enough,” she told the newspaper. Soon after on social media she tried to downsize the bomb she dropped and said: “The truth is always somewhere in between. Everything you read is crap * ** “.
Some time later Monica during an interview declared that she had not read anything about Eros’s statements and added: “Well … We have to talk to each other on the phone then. But when?”. According to her, however, it would have been impossible because she was waiting his daughter in the period referred to by Ramazzotti: “But I was five months pregnant! I was waiting for Deva! I swear I call him. Eros is a love, I have total respect for him ”.


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