Eric Clapton waives any claims against Ms.

A woman from Ratingen was sued by the world star Eric Clapton. You lost the process. She was threatened with a fine of 25,000 euros. Clapton now speaks personally about the case.

Musician Eric Clapton (76) waives his claims against a woman from Ratingen near Düsseldorf. The world star has now announced this on its homepage. The blues musician had just won a few days ago against the 55-year-old at the Düsseldorf district court.

Accordingly, the woman is no longer allowed to offer a live recording of a Clapton concert from 1987 on Ebay. Otherwise, she could face a fine of up to 250,000 euros, the court said.

Trial in Düsseldorf: the accused are clueless

The 55-year-old found the double CD after the death of her ex-husband during the dissolution of the household and put it up for purchase on Ebay for 9.95 euros. Clapton’s lawyers had the auction stopped because it was an illegal recording.

In vain did the woman argue in court that she had no idea that it was an illegal recording. Her husband bought the CD legally in a supermarket. So far, according to calculations by your lawyer, over 3,400 euros in dunning fees, lawyer and court costs have been incurred in the dispute.

Lawyers encouraged to prosecute

Clapton’s management has now announced that lawyers have been acting on behalf of the musician for many years against the sale of illegal, low-quality recordings. It is not the intention to take action against private sellers of individual CDs, but against commercial sellers.

The ratinger’s case could have been settled quickly with minimal cost if Clapton’s lawyers had not encouraged them to sue. “If she had explained the full facts to the lawyers from the outset in a simple phone call or letter, one could have waived any claim and avoided costs,” the statement now says.

With the full facts of the case revealed, Eric Clapton decided not to take any further action and not collect the costs awarded to him by the court. The music magazine “Rolling Stone” reported first.


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