Equities New York Outlook: Wall Street tries to recover from high price level | 11/11/21

NEW YORK (awp international) – After the previous day’s losses, the US stock markets are likely to move into forward gear again on Thursday. However, the current interest and inflation concerns are by no means off the table. Investors expected a tighter monetary policy sooner rather than later, according to the trade. Because the unexpectedly high US consumer prices on Wednesday had dealt a blow to the assessment of the US Federal Reserve that inflation was only temporary.

The broker IG valued the Dow Jones around an hour before the start of trading 0.11 percent higher to 36,121 points. The technology-heavy Nasdaq 100 was recently expected to grow by around 0.8 percent.

Investors should focus on Walt Disney among the individual stocks. The US entertainment giant performed worse than expected in the past fiscal quarter. The streaming business for the Disney + video service was a particular disappointment for investors. In view of the lack of film and series hits, only 2.1 million subscriptions were added – significantly fewer than analysts had forecast. The shares reacted early on the market with a price discount of 5.7 percent.

After his sensational Twitter vote, Tesla boss Elon Musk turned his company’s shares into cash for the first time in years. From Monday through Wednesday, he sold roughly $ 5 billion worth of Tesla shares after redeeming some of his stock options. Musk intends to use the proceeds to settle tax debts. The Tesla papers rose in pre-market trading by 3.3 percent.

After the impressive stock market debut of Rivian shares the day before, the electric car manufacturer’s stocks should continue to climb steeply. Before the trading day they were already traded 8.3 percent higher. On Wednesday the shares started at a price of 106.75 euros. Based on the issue price of $ 78, this was a premium of almost 37 percent. At the end of the trade they had cost $ 100.73./edh/mis


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