Epic Acquires ArtStation and Reduces Store Fees to 12%

Epic is still trying to lower the standard by 12%.

Another day, another acquisition as the gaming industry continues to consolidate. This time, it is Epic who acquires. The House Unreal Built has acquired ArtStation, a website that houses portfolios focused on video games and digital art. The site is used by hobbyists and industry professionals alike, including people who have worked for CD Projekt Red, Blizzard, and Disney.
ArtStation also offers a marketplace that sells digital game assets and illustration resources. One of the first things Epic did after acquiring ArtStation was to reduce the store’s market fee from 30% to 12%, bringing it in line with the 12% revenue cut from the Epic Games Store. Epic has long said that the industry standard 30% cut is too high, and the developers agreed with them. Only 3% of developers surveyed in a 2021 GDC survey thought the 30% cut was fair. To further the acquisition, Epic has announced that ArtStation’s learning section tutorials and lessons will be free for the remainder of the year.
In a blog post about the acquisition, ArtStation CEO Leonard Teo said that ArtStation would be an “independent brand platform owned by Epic Games.”
“You can still use the platform as you do today, and we will remain open to all vertical creators, both 2D and 3D, including those who do not use the Unreal Engine,” added Teo. “We are going to actively recruit and grow the ArtStation team. We are committed to improving the platform and now, as part of Epic, we will be able to do much more. “

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