World Environmental activists from Extinction Rebellion break into airport runways

Environmental activists from Extinction Rebellion break into airport runways


Orly: Environmental activists from Extinction Rebellion break into the airport runways – 20 Minutes

It had just reopened after three months of closure due to the coronavirus. The airport
d’Orly was forced to stop its activity this Friday morning, when twenty environmental activists
d’Extinction Rebellion (XR) broke into a runway against the resumption of air traffic.

“They broke into a runway” through a “fence” located in the town of Wissous (Essonne), said an airport source. Fifteen people were placed in police custody for “entering the reserved area” and “degradations” in particular, added another airport source.

Code name: “fire bird”

According to images posted on XR’s Twitter account, activists who are calling for an end to air traffic which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, have installed banners in front of an airplane on the runway: “let’s save the living not the planes ”or“ 15 billion to relaunch the disaster ”.

“The government is trying to make a com operation on the ban of some domestic flights but – at the same time – it finances with billions of public money the revival of the aeronautical industry. What is the logic? “, They denounced in a press release on this operation called” firebird “. “Extinction Rebellion calls for a courageous policy to fight the climate change and the collapse of biodiversity. No hypocritical or cowardly measures. We ask for the only necessary measure: the prohibition of ALL domestic flights. Now ! “, They added.

The activity then resumed

“It is a symbol of facing an airplane, to face what puts us in danger,” Franck, a member of the organization, told AFP by telephone, ensuring that the militants had warned security aerial 20 minutes before entering the airport grounds.

He was surprised by the reaction time of the police to their operation. “We expected a faster reaction. It says a lot about security, anyone can enter, “he said. The ADP group confirmed the militants’ intrusion, ensuring that it would file a complaint. “Airport operations were briefly interrupted. Air operations were able to resume safely on the other runways of the airport, in full coordination with the relevant state services, “he said.




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