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The recent controversies following the last tree cuts in Geneva have not left politicians unscathed. Many today fear popular reprisals for unnecessary slaughter.

In Carouge, the upkeep of the Pinchat forest thus provoked heated discussions among the elected officials. It took committee work and two long plenary debates for the municipal councilors to finally agree, by a small majority, to cut 200 trees to secure the woods.

The words exchanged during the last session of the Deliberation testify to the emotional aspect which now surrounds each cut. “The PDC is borrowed from the idea of ​​massacring 200 trees and evacuating them with a helicopter,” said municipal councilor Stéphane Barthassat (PDC).

While the discussion already seems to have taken place in committee, the socialist Alain Etienne argues in favor of the magistrate Green Nicolas Walder, who supports the approach: “The felling of these 200 trees is based on a study carried out in 2015. C ‘ is always troublesome when politicians want to replace specialists. We don’t have the business skills to judge. “

Nicolas Walder recalls that the woods have not been maintained for twenty years and that they present safety problems today. The fragility of some specimens is explained by the drought that has plagued the canton for the past two years. “We did not choose helicopter hoisting to consume more fuel but simply to avoid damaging other trees and preserving biodiversity,” said the administrative adviser. Cutting down these 200 trees is not a massacre but is a safety issue for schoolchildren crossing this forest. “

The magistrate cannot count on the support of his party colleagues, borrowed from this subject with strong controversial potential. “For the Greens, this slaughter is not trivial; only 30 specimens are considered sick, stresses the ecologist Philippe Calame. What will be the reaction of the population? Is it possible to cut the cut trees with horses? ”Le Vert Didier Prod’Hom proposes to limit himself to cutting the 30 sick trees. Socialist Pierre Baertschi then retorts: “Coming with this proposal while Antonio Hodgers (editor’s note: Green State Councilor in charge of the Territory) authorized the cutting of around twenty hundred-year-old trees in Allières, it’s a not very shabby. No one likes to cut down trees. Especially large. ”

Socialist Patrick Monney insists that in the event of a cut, it will be necessary to be particularly attentive to the information transmitted to residents. Nicolas Walder anticipated this question: “Information will be communicated to all residents with the Forêt Genève association, which works for the good of the forests. We cannot accuse them of not loving the trees. ”

Given the issue of the vote, a suspension of the session is requested by the PLR. The five minute break is polling time: the Greens’ amendment was rejected by a large majority. The deliberation is accepted by a small majority of the hemicycle. If the Greens refused it, the Entente preferred to abstain. The felling of the 200 trees in the Pinchat forest will therefore take place. The cup should take place during the school holidays of February 2020.

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