Entering the Rainy Season, Dengue Fever Cases Increase

MADIUN, KOMPAS.TV – During December to January 2022, cases of dengue fever or DHF patients in Madiun district continued to increase. This can be seen at the Caruban Madiun Hospital, which is currently treating 17 DHF patients.

High rainfall at night and the hot sun during the day make the dengue mosquito grow rapidly. As a result, the number of Madiun residents infected with dengue fever has increased.

Of the 17 DHF patients, 8 of them were children. While the other 9 people are adults. Now all patients are receiving intensive care to recover their condition.

The number of dengue cases treated at the Caruban Hospital in January 2022 was higher than in the same month last year which had less than 17 patients. Meanwhile, from the data throughout 2021, the number of dengue fever patients treated at the Caruban Hospital was 114 patients, one of whom died.

The public is also asked to always be vigilant against the bites of the Aedes aegypti mosquito that causes dengue fever, by always keeping the environment clean and applying the 3 M on a regular basis.

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