Energy Minister Van der Straeten takes action against abuses of energy suppliers


Energy suppliers who illegally change contracts, for example when moving house, will be punished. That is what federal energy minister Tinne Van der Straeten (Groen) says in an interview in L’Echo, which is also reported by De Tijd.

ltoSource: BELGIAN

“I met the energy ombudsman on Thursday. He noted that certain energy suppliers seize every opportunity to change the rates or the contract, also in an illegal way,” said the minister. She gave the example of a move, where the contract continues normally. “But certain suppliers take advantage of this to adjust their client’s rate.” According to Van der Straeten, suppliers seem to be doing everything they can to get rid of fixed contracts and switch to variable ones.

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The ombudsman knows which companies are involved, says the minister, who announces that he will contact them next week. “I will warn them that any breach will be immediately forwarded to the Economic Inspectorate. There are rules that protect consumers. They must be respected.”

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