News Ends the streak of Tenerife in the Tartiere (1-0)...

Ends the streak of Tenerife in the Tartiere (1-0) | Radio Club Tenerife | Today


Heavy defeat the locks for the CD Tenerife at the Carlos Tartiere against Real Oviedo in the fall for a both to zero thanks to a goal of Feature point from the penalty spot and that puts an end to six days of invincibility of the set of Ruben Baraja.

The Oviedo was the team that was trying to get ahead on the scoreboard, taking the first opportunity Ortuño to be headed in a ball standing out above the goal of Ortolá. Then it was Tenerife that had a chance of being able to move forward with an action in which Dani Gómez gave way from the right to Moore amagara the shot, leaving the leather to be Nahuel, the to try luck.

Both teams tried to find their options but minimizing errors and without having clear chances to offer to get ahead on the scoreboard. Only in the actions to stopped ball generated danger the whole carballón that in the thirty-four of the party and by means of Tejera tested a very dangerous went above the crossbar of Ortolá.

But as the minutes passed it was the Tenerife the improved and stepped on over the opponent’s area. Five minutes to the break was an incursion of a Mile who gave back to not finished getting Dani Gómez. Is balancing the forces in a match that had no owner or team that imposed its law on the opponent. But the rest would get no movement on the marker on the Tartiere.

Tenerife came out of the locker room with the urge to mark and the eleven had Dani Gomez crashing a ball to the stick but in a position unfair. The party is open to the Deck that they wanted to aspire to the thirty-nine points. But the Oviedo also was pushing for the goal with a header from luis miguel after service by the right stationary ball.

The entry of Ibra gave him one more gear at Oviedo and the carballones they took on the goal of Ortolá while the whole visitor stepped off the piston and came to defend in the best way possible. Nahuel was replaced by Bermejo and with twenty minutes to go before it could be anything.

The first action in which he was protagonist Lasure was able to complete the goal. The player visitor tried with left leg shot out repelled by Lunin who sent it to corner. The final minutes of the duel turned into an exchange of blows and any of them could open the can for any team.

But luck decantaba in favor of the home team when in the eighty and six of the party, a hand of Luis Perez who detected the VAR and not Moreno Aragon in the first instance, just with Feature running the maximum penalty to the left of Ortolá

A final cruel to the local people who lose a Mile and Moore for sanction for the appointment for the next day before the Ponferradina in the Rodríguez López.

Technical sheet:

Real Oviedo: Lunin, Grandson, Carlos Hernandez, Arribas, Mossa, Luismi, Tejera, Sangalli, Berjón (Borja Sánchez 60’), Ortuño (Ibrahima 65’) and Feature (Lolo 90’).

CD Tenerife: Ortolá, Luís Pérez, Alberto, Sipcic, Alex Muñoz, Aitor Sanz, Mile, Nahuel (Alex Brown 67’), Moore, Javi Muñoz (Lasure 74’) and Dani Gómez (Miérez 82’).

Referee: Moreno Aragon (Andalusian). Admonished Arribas and Carlos Hernandez for the Oviedo and Moore, Aitor Sanz, Sipcic, Milla, Luis Perez and Alex Muñoz for the Tenerife

Incidents: Estadio Carlos Tartiere, before 16.731 spectators.


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