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Extremely dangerous scenes

During the shooting, the three actors had to show special courage and take part in a particularly dangerous scene – they were set on fire for filming purposes. Although the protagonists wore special protective suits to ensure safety, both an ambulance and specially invited professional stuntmen were on duty at the filming site to ensure that the fire was extinguished in a timely manner.

Encouragement in the filming area

Exciting events unfold not only in the film, but also took place behind the scenes during the filming, such as a true love story between the filmmakers Elizabeth Brante and Henry Aray during the shooting, the filming team greeted a colleague who became a father there was also a shout in the filming area.

The details of the series are created even for several weeks

The artist of the series Yuka Grand had to spend several weeks creating the necessary prop – a dog’s head for one of the most shocking scenes of the second season of the psychological thriller. For some time, the artist even kept the artificial dog’s head in her refrigerator.

Special costumes with the sect emblem were made for the depiction of the sect “Artalla centrs” in the small town of Mérona, as well as flags, booklets and even an engraved special ring for the sect leader, which appears in the frame for only a few seconds.

Fans are becoming actors and the names of the actors in honor of the filmmakers

The role of Irma in the role of Katrīna Kreile was confirmed immediately after the first rehearsals – the director Vlad Kovaļovs already realized that Katrīna fully corresponds to the image she was looking for. The young actress was previously a “Missing” fan and stated in her application for the role that she had watched the first season of the series three times.

The producer and writer of the series, Lelde Kovaļova, after the first season of the psychological thriller based on her debut novel, has written only one script for the second season, which will be shown in the closing series of the season.

The protagonist of “Missing”, journalist Tom, played in the series by actor Andrejs Allens, has received his name in honor of the series’ cameraman Tomas Zarāns.

Although the actor Toms Liepājnieks initially took part in the rehearsals for the role of the main character of the series, the journalist Tomas, the director decided that the actor would be more suitable for the image of the cult leader of the sect.

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