World Emotional letter from Boris Johnson

Emotional letter from Boris Johnson


“The situation is getting worse before it gets better”: The British Prime Minister, who has Covid-19, announces hard times in a letter to the population. The choice of words is a U-turn for Johnson.

It starts with an emotional letter Covid-19 Boris Johnson fell ill to his compatriots for difficult times and no longer excludes even stricter measures in the fight against lung disease. After a long hesitation, the British Prime Minister had imposed a curfew on Monday and called on the British to only leave the house if absolutely necessary.

“It is important for me to speak openly and honestly with you – we know that the situation will deteriorate before it gets better,” the letter said that 10 Downing Street published in London on Saturday and that to come To be sent to 30 million households each week. The government is making the right preparations and the more closely these rules are followed, the less lives are lost and the sooner one can return to normal life.

However, Johnson did not rule out further tightening of the measures: “We will not hesitate to continue if the scientific and medical advice tells us that we have to do it.”

In early March, Johnson Covid-19 patients shook hands

The number of deaths from Covid-19 lung disease rose to over 1,020 in the UK on Sunday, and the number of confirmed infections was around 17,300. Next Boris Johnson have also health minister Matt Hancock and heir to the throne Prince Charles infected with Sars-CoV-2. In early March, Johnson boasted that he shook hands in a hospital, including Covid 19 patients. He would continue to do that, he said at the time. And last Wednesday Johnson answered MEPs’ questions in the cramped British Parliament.

In his letter, Johnson now justifies government action to contain the virus. He understood the difficulties that this “disturbance” had caused. “But the measures we have taken are absolutely necessary, for a very simple reason. If too many people become seriously ill at once, the (National Health Service) NHS cannot cope with it. It will cost lives.” That is why the spread of the disease has to be slowed down “to save as many lives as possible”. There is only a simple instruction – “You have to stay at home.”

Johnson works in isolation

After diagnosing his coronavirus infection, Johnson had announced he would be working from Downing Street from his office. His symptoms were mild, he had emphasized. It is unclear whether Johnson’s pregnant fiancee, Carrie Symonds, was also infected. The baby is supposed to be born in early summer. Johnson has been divorced twice and has resided in Downing Street, London, with the Conservative ex-media consultant, who is over 20 years younger, since taking over the government last July. Now he has to keep away from her. The food and government documents are reported to be put out of the Prime Minister’s door.

In addition to Johnson, Secretary of Health Matt Hancock, who also suffered from Covid-19, and the top British medical advisor, Chris Whitty, had gone into self-isolation. There is now concern in London that government decision-making may be compromised if other cabinet members are infected. However, there should initially be no precautionary tests by other ministers and employees. “Everyone follows the advice of the health authority,” said a Downing Street spokesman at the request of the German press agency. The noisy self-isolation as soon as symptoms appear.



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