World Emmanuel André and Maggie De Block showed their disapproval...

Emmanuel André and Maggie De Block showed their disapproval on Twitter: “The numbers say something”


Now is the time for reflection in Belgium. While the country is gradually emerging from the confinement in which it has been immersed in mid-march, many voices were raised that will be learned from the first lessons of the crisis of the sars coronavirus. Others want the accounts to be rendered. The publication of a
report of The Economist pinning the Belgium as the more a poor student does not help the government already pointed out. Comparing 21 countries of the OECD, the paper concludes that Belgium has seen the worst crisis and considers that its management was “bad”, on the basis of several figures.

The minister of Health, Maggie De Block, has responded on Twitter to the publication of the report. “The numbers are not everything”, commented the liberal flemish.

An output that the microbiologist Emmanuel Andre has not quite found to be correct. The former spokesman for inter-federal in the fight against the coronavirus has thus nuanced the words of Maggie De Block. “The numbers do not tell everything, but they say something”, he wrote on the social network at the blue bird. “We can’t deny everything if we want to learn from our mistakes.”

The First minister has also been brought in to explain the uncomfortable position occupied by Belgium in the ranking of The Economist. “It is true that Belgium has often been pointed the finger relative to the mortality that there has been,” said Sophie Wilmès in the House.” If we stick to a comparison of the official figures, Belgium has a number of deaths per million inhabitants is highest. However, the manner of calculating the death is fundamental, then one knows that all countries do not count deaths in the same way.” The liberal felt that there was little sense to compare a country like Belgium with New Zealand or Australia, which are much less densely populated. “Belgium is far from being able to be criticized,” concluded the First minister.


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