Emergency situation with a plane with MEPs at high altitude VIDEO

A LOT Polish Airlines plane en route from Warsaw to Brussels was forced to make an emergency landing due to a reduction in cabin pressure during the flight. There were 20 Polish MEPs on the plane.

The emergency landing, which was necessary due to the accident at high altitude. It lasted 4 minutes and was successful, as the plane landed in the German city of Dusseldorf, writes “Telegraph”.

The Polish embassy in Germany said none of the passengers needed medical attention and the airport provided them with accommodation while waiting for a replacement flight.

Law and Justice (PiS) MEP Dominik Tarczynski thanked the LOT team for their professional behavior during the situation.

“We landed safely and are waiting for a second plane. Many thanks to the crew of LOT Polish Airlines for their absolutely professional behavior! ”

Left MEP Robert Bidron congratulated the crew on a successful emergency landing.

“We just made an emergency landing at Dusseldorf Airport. The LOT aircraft underwent depressurization of the cockpit. The situation seemed dramatic, but it was under control. Well done to the crew! ”

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Berlin also informed that the forced landing passed without major complications.

A spokesman for the airline commented that over the territory of Germany, there was a malfunction in the hermetically sealed cabin system.

“The captain, in accordance with the applicable procedures, decided to reduce the flight altitude and land in standard mode at Dusseldorf Airport,” said Krzysztof Mochulski.

He emphasized that a replacement plane would be sent to pick up passengers to continue the flight to Brussels.

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