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Elevated concentrations of the “stress hormone” increased risk of death from Covid-19


Cortisol can serve as a simple biochemical marker, which will give the opportunity to prioritize patients and to understand who it is first necessary to provide medical assistance.

Coronavirus infection has become the object of attention of physicians and scientists around the world. Experts are trying as accurately as possible to establish all the factors that affect the severity of disease and mortality from it.

In the new study, researchers from Imperial College London have discovered how the flow of Covid-19 affects the content in the patient’s blood is “the stress hormone” — cortisol. Article about it was published in the edition The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

Cortisol produced by the body in response to stress, including disease. This hormone causes changes in the heart and the immune system and in metabolism, helping us to fight infection. Low cortisol levels disease can be dangerous for the patient; but as it turned out, the high concentration of the hormone also increases the risk of negative outcome.

The spatial structure of the molecule of cortisol / MedicalXpress

In a new observational study involved 535 patients; in 404 of them were diagnosed Covid-19. When levels of cortisol in people with coronavirus pneumonia were significantly higher than other subjects. The median plasma cortisol concentrations in infected with coronavirus were 619 nmol/l versus 519 nmol/l in the remaining patients.

The maximum observed concentration of the hormone in patients with Covid-19 reached 3241 nmol/l, despite the fact that, in a healthy person ranges from 80 to 535 nmol/l, depending on the time of day. Also, scientists have determined that for subjects with a baseline cortisol concentration below 744 nmol/l median survival (the period during which die 50% of patients) was 36 days, whereas those whose cortisol concentration was higher, the figure was only 15 days. During the study died 27% of patients with Covid-19 and only 7% of those who have coronavirus pneumonia was not diagnosed.

The probability of survival for patients with a cortisol concentration below and above 744 nmol/l, respectively / Dhillo, Than, Khoo et al., The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, 2020

This study will certainly be useful for physicians who are dealing with coronavirus patients. “Three months ago, when the London hospitals flooded with patients with Covid-19, we had very little information about how best to prioritize people — says one of the authors of Waljit of Dhillo. Now we potentially have another simple marker along with the level of saturation of blood with oxygen, which will help us to determine what patients should do in the first place.”

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