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Electric Jaguar (I-Pace) is upgraded with a different grille, and paint colors NOW


The Jaguar is a little over two years after the presentation of the all-electric I-Pace) with the mid-term updates and enhancements to the existing model. In addition, it shows the car with a different finish on the front grille, and new paint colors are just a little different.

Since then, I have Pace, at an 11 kW wall box for faster charging, and get in the car, per hour, is 53 miles to the range with it. With the car on a battery charger is unchanged, with a maximum of 100 kW of load, so there is every fifteen minutes, with 127 miles of range added.

On the inside, fit for Jaguar, a new infotainment system which will be faster to boot. Also, the menu structure has been modified to be more user-friendly design.

The new infotainment system in the same way as the previous system with a so-called software-in-the-airtechniek (SOTA), which allows the driver to up-to-date information about the tour and the number of charging stations it has, for example, to name a few. For example, the car on longer trips to better get a sense of where, and for how long, it has to be loaded.

By means of the SOTA, the batterijmanagement, and the charging devices to be updated. In december of last year, Jaguar is already a software update for the existing models, which I Place in the practice, up to 8 per cent, it would have to come in for a battery charge, compared, about 40 km away. The theoretical range was maintained at about 470 miles, and that was the case.

The new system also needs to be faster to boot. (Picture: Jaguar)

Best-selling cars in december of 2018

The inclusion of the (I-Pace) was launched in march 2018 was presented and it was due to the favorable bijtellingsregels for business is an instant success. In december of the same year, and with a higher list price in January about the prospect of it – was the – (I-Pace) is the best-selling car in the Netherlands. In that month, then, 2.651 specimens on the plate. The hotel is relatively small, the Jaguar also has the best-rated brand in our country.

In the very end of 2018, a total to 3,526 copies of the (I-Pace) is registered in 2019, were 770 copies. This year, the model also has been voted Car of the Year. Until the end of may this year, fourteen in number plate has gone. The updates are coming at a good time.

The enhanced Jaguar (I-Pace) is now available. Awards will be announced.

A new coat colour and different finish on the front grille of the redesigned I-Pace). (Picture: Jaguar)

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