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Elections USA by 2020. One out of every 5 latinos will vote for Donald Trump


Washington, D. C. / 15.06.2020 18:46:38

Only a 19 percent of latinos will vote for Donald Trump in the November elections, according to a survey released today also points out that the virtual democratic candidate, Joe Biden, is 14 percentage points ahead of the current president in preference voting.

The survey, conducted by Abacus Data and released when there are less than 150 days to the presidential election, reveals that, of the held now, 49 percent of registered voters will do it for Biden, while 35 percent will opt for the republican Trump.

In addition, 4 percent will choose another candidate and 9 percent are not sure of their vote. And the economy appears that it will not be enough to save Trump, according to analysts Abacus Data.

Bruce Anderson, one of the authors of the survey, said in a statement that “during his presidency, even with a strong economy over a long period, (Trump) has struggled to win the trust and your level of approval has rarely been above 50 per cent (within the metaencuestas)“. “And today, with a deep recession and a pandemic, the patience with this approach is weakening,” he added.

Anderson concludes that strategists republicans are convinced that the only way for Trump to win this election is to “find ways to suppress the vote and/or disqualify voters who want change”.

What is of more concern for Trump is that in the states, hinge key, which normally change their intended vote choice in election (Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) Biden now leads the incumbent in 17 percentage points. Were those states that boosted Trump to the White House in the elections of 2016.

In addition, in states that typically vote republican Trump only gets to Biden by a margin of 2 percentage points (43 percent versus 41 for the democrat). But in the states democrats, Biden leads Trump by 22 points (53 percent to 31 percent).

The weakness of the support of the own republicans, their candidate is also manifested in another aspect of the survey, conducted between 11 and 13 June, with interviews to 500 thousand americans and has a margin of error of 2.5 percent.

67 percent of registered republicans believes that Trump will win re-election, while 70 % of democrats is convinced that its candidate will be made with the White House. To add more problems to the candidacy of Trump, 54 percent of voters disapprove of his work in the presidency and only 38 percent supporting it.

The difficulties of Trump come from all groups of voters, even those divided by age and ethnicity, the groups that normally support more republican candidates are not so convinced of the suitability of Trump.




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