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Elections metropolitan | Three candidates in the second round : place your bets, nothing goes !


In politics, nothing is mathematical and, as the said Pierre Cuny, the outgoing mayor of Thionville, ” one plus one is never two.” However, to fully understand the situation before the second round in the second city of the Moselle, we invite you to bring a calculator, while looking at the Sunday, march 15, for a little history lesson.

On that Sunday, seven lists are competing for the podium. Pierre Cuny (DVD) tops the poll with an honourable 32.39 to %. To everyone’s amazement, he is followed closely by Patrick Luxembourger (23,45 %), which was launched in the game at the last minute, swearing that he désisterait if he were to get behind the chief magistrate outgoing. The socialist Bertrand Mertz , mayor of Thionville from 2008 to 2014, follows with 19,85 %, itself up 7 points in front of the ecologist Guy Harau (12,60 %). They are, therefore, four candidates to successfully pass the first test, and Pierre Cuny may, at this moment, to comprehend the 2e tower with serenity.

The key to participation

Except that in politics (always), it is difficult to predict the future. Because today, Pierre Cuny finds itself seriously threatened by the left, with the complicity of the right ! On the one hand, because Patrick Luxembourger has maintained its position, whereas it does not voice the latter, and that it captures only the electorate, ” in search of something else.”

And on the other hand, because Bertrand Mertz has joined forces with Guy Harau, supported by the PS, the PC, The Greens, The Radicals, Generation. s, and three collectives, one of the candidate Nadya Dengel, eliminated the 15 march, but who brings to it his own (3,49 %) to the cause. It is good you have followed ?

Private meetings and other public meetings, Pierre Cuny, Patrick Luxembourger and Bertrand Mertz defend their positions by tours of neighborhoods and social networks. All rely on an elusive element : participation. Because the first round had registered an abstention by a record 64,62 %, and it is precisely this participation in the real multiplier coefficient of… to the bill.



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