News Eintracht Frankfurt: does the transfer market have surprises in...

Eintracht Frankfurt: does the transfer market have surprises in store?


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For Eintracht Frankfurt, the corona time is not just a risk, but also a great opportunity – the goal remains to push your way up.

  • Corona time is also a great opportunity for Eintracht Frankfurt
  • Transfer fees fall on the transfer market
  • SGE wants to box through to the top

Frankfurt – Now they have Eintracht Frankfurt get the excellent work of the past years certified again by the highest authority. It was “sensational”, an “outstanding achievement”. Anyone who predicted these many, many European festival days “could not be taken seriously. Incredible what the boys did, what Fredi Bobic This was the eulogy spoken by an aspiring assistant coach, soon to be responsible for the younger generation of B youth at the flagship football club in Hesse, which of course did not put him in that heavenly orbit. The now 37-year-old once shot himself there as captain and snapshot: Alex Meier, who rose to become the football god Eintracht-Icons.

Eintracht Frankfurt: A great opportunity in the coming months

This Alex Meier is known to soon return to the city on the Main after his stopovers on the Elbe and the South Pacific, in Hamburg and Sydney, and try to train football talents to become professional players. For an ambitious club whose premium product, the Bundesliga team of coach Adi Hütter, was subject to some fluctuations in performance in the round to be finished against SC Paderborn on Saturday. For just this EintrachtI have to fight through the opaque corona undergrowth like all other professional clubs, but the coming months are not only a risk, but also a great opportunity.

A year ago, Axel Hellmann had a detailed interview with the Frankfurter Rundschau the positive development of the Eintracht described in a nationwide comparison. The board spoke of the fact that his club has now overtaken some clubs economically; Hamburger SV for example, also Werder Bremen, VfB Stuttgart and 1. FC Köln. “And other clubs in this weight class,” said Hellmann, adding: “We are now on to the next category, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Schalke 04, with Schalke still a whole corner ahead of us. But we have reduced the gap significantly. “

A year later, the Hessians – to remain in the linguistic picture of boxing – are of course still unable to stand up to the only heavyweight in the league, FC Bayern. The Hessian chest is too weak for the cruiserweight athletes from Dortmund and Leipzig who follow at some distance, as well as for the light heavyweight athletes from Leverkusen and Mönchengladbach. But she knows very well Eintracht in the ranks of super middleweights meanwhile.

Eintracht will close the first division season 2019/20 between places eight to ten, which certainly does not fulfill the Frankfurt dream vision before the season, which is acceptable in the overall context of a top class lost striker trio, a flood of competitive matches and the associated shape fluctuations among all players is.

Eintracht Frankfurt: fear is not necessary

The team from Gladbach listed by Hellmann has further rushed with its likely participation in the Champions League, and the development of investor-supported Berliners must also be closely monitored in the near future. Basically, it has Eintracht but played a mixed Bundesliga round and still drove a solid midfield. In the coming season, the Hessians will not have to fear the rivals in their weight class, the Schalke, Wolfsburg or Hoffenheimers from this republic.

On the one hand, the royal blue from Gelsenkirchen are tearing themselves apart at all levels (see article on page 20), on the other hand Wolfsburg and Hoffenheim are increasingly stagnating. TSG does not even have a head coach under contract for the upcoming round. Comes the Eintracht So again closer to their limit, the qualification for the European Cup is back in there.

The big unknown is undoubtedly the corona pandemic for all clubs at the moment. Although the negotiated TV contract, which will bring the clubs a total of 4.4 billion euros in four years, creates a certain amount of certainty, however, open questions that are important for budget planning stay. Do sponsors jump off? Are fans allowed in the stadium? If so, when does it start at all, on September 11th or – more likely – only on September 18th? Et cetera perge perge.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Personnel reinforcements wanted

The Eintracht Like the competition, it will have to factor in financial losses, but in recent years it has been eating a lot of bacon from which it can draw. It is certain that the transfer fees in summer are significantly below the level of the previous years, that is, with skill and patience, you can buy additional staff that would hardly be affordable in the usual transfer business.

Of course, the other clubs want to do the same, anyway, in this fast-paced business, much is different than you think. All in all, a statement by Axel Hellmann from June 2019 is still valid today. “In football there is permeability, you can cross thresholds.” The goal remains Eintracht Frankfurt wants to move to the next higher weight class. (By Daniel Schmitt)

Meanwhile, the DFB has confirmed the block for Filip Kostic. The Eintracht Frankfurt player saw a red card in the DFB Cup match against Werder Bremen.


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