Effective Tomorrow, Here are the Complete Rules regarding E-Tickets on Toll Roads: Validity Time, Type of Violation, and Location of All Pages

KOMPAS.com – The Traffic Corps (Korlantas) of the Police will implement the electronic ticketing system (e-ticket) on toll roads starting tomorrow, Friday (1/4/2022).

This was conveyed by the Director of Law Enforcement (Dirgakkum) Korlantas Polri Aan Suhanan, quoted from the page korlantas.polri.go.idMonday (28/3/2022).

“We have been conducting socialization since March 1, according to the regulations of the Traffic Coordinating Board, it takes 30 days for socialization. On April 1, this means that it will be implemented through National ETLE,” said Aan.

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Types of violations that will result in e-tickets on toll roads

Aan added, there are two types of violations on toll roads that will be dealt with through e-tickets.

  • First, offense overload along the Transjabar toll
  • Second, violation overspeed on the Trans Java and Trans Sumatra toll roads.

Maximum vehicle speed 100 kilometers per hour

Enforcement of violations that exceed the speed limit (overspeed) This e-ticket will be carried out along the Trans Java and Trans Sumatra toll roads.

The enforcement of these violations refers to the provisions for driving speed on toll roads as regulated in Government Regulation Number 79 of 2013 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation Networks (LLAJ).

The regulation is also reinforced by the Minister of Transportation Regulation (Permenhub) concerning Procedures for Determining Vehicle Limits article 3 paragraph 4 in article 23 paragraph 4.

In the Permenhub, it is written that the speed limit for motorized vehicles traveling on toll roads ranges from 60 to 100 kilometers per hour (kpj), in accordance with traffic signs installed.

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The details of the rules are as follows:

  • The lowest is 60 kph in free flow conditions and the highest is 100 kph for the freeway
  • Maximum 80 kph for intercity roads
  • Maximum 50 kph for urban areas
  • The highest is 30 kph for residential areas.

In order to measure the speed limit, a number of speed cameras at several points on the toll road to spy on drivers who often speed up their vehicles.

This regulation regarding speed limits aims to reduce the number of accidents on toll roads due to overspeed which often occurs on toll roads.

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Over capacity truck load

Violations that often occur in goods transporting vehicles or trucks along toll roads are overloading or over dimension dan overloading (ODOL).

Rules regarding ODOL will also be applied starting April 1, 2022 along the Transjabar toll road.

To find out the maximum vehicle load limit, sensors will be installed With In Motion (WIM).

The WIM sensor is a tool used to detect vehicle loads. The tool provides data information about the overload of a vehicle.

The rules regarding this ODOL sanction are as written in Article 307 of the LLAJ Law No. 22 of 2009 concerning road traffic and transportation.

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Location of e-tickets on toll roads

The following is a list of toll roads that will implement the e-ticket system:

Violation overspeed, will be installed speed camera on the toll road at:

  • Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road
  • Mohammed Bin Zayed Elevated Toll (MBZ)
  • Soedijatmo Toll Road
  • Inner City Toll
  • Kunciran-Cengkareng Toll Road.

Violation overload by using Weight in Motion Of:

  • Tol JOR
  • Jakarta-Tangerang toll road.

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E-ticket enforcement mechanism on toll roads

Both speed limit and maximum load violators, Aan said that violations will be punished.capture to put into back office Korlantas for validation and verification.

After the validation and verification process, Korlantas will send a confirmation letter to the address of the vehicle.

“After confirmation, the next obligation is to pay the maximum ticket fine that has been determined through the account that has been determined,” he said.

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To support the enforcement of these rules, a number of speed cameras and WIM have been installed at several points on the highway.

With this regulation, Aan hopes that vehicle accidents on toll roads can be reduced.

This is because so far the data shows that overspeed and overload on toll roads reaches 80 percent. As a result, the fatality of accident victims is also getting higher.

Therefore, the public is advised not to commit violations overload nor overspeed along the motorway.

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