Education: Open day at Stavenhagen school again digital

Until February 28th, parents and children of the 4th and 6th grades can decide how the further educational path of the pupils should look like.


That the “Open Day” 2022 at the Stavenhagen school campus cannot be done with personal school tours, that was already apparent in November. Because of the pandemic, the educators decided that this day would again be held in digital form. Together with the students, they are now inviting all interested parties to find out more about the online presentation Stavenhagen comprehensive school to inform, headmaster Lutz Trautmann announced. It can be found on the homepage at A view of the school campus awaits visitors. You will receive information about departments, school social education, all-day offers or school highlights.

In particular, the children and parents of the current grades 4 and 6 should feel addressed. You have until February 28 of this year to decide how the students will continue their education. The Reuterstadt school campus offers the cross-school orientation level with class 5. From class 7, the students would learn in the areas of high school or regional school. “This means that all school-leaving qualifications available in our country are offered at our location in Stavenhagen,” explained the headmaster.

The family sports festival, which was otherwise always held in parallel, has to be canceled this year. If there are any questions, parents and students could contact the e-mail address [email protected] turn.

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