News Edouard Philippe confirms that he will remain at Matignon...

Edouard Philippe confirms that he will remain at Matignon elected mayor of le Havre


Edouard Philippe, on June 9, 2020 in the national Assembly. — AFP

Le Havre or Matignon ? Asked about his future, the Prime minister
Edouard Philippe announced that it would favour his position
Prime minister the mayor of le Havre, if he is elected the 28th of June. He, however, admitted that he could be back “a lot earlier” than the end of the quinquennium in his fief.

Find the results of the first round in le Havre

“I intend to become mayor as soon as I will no longer be Prime minister,” said Edouard Philippe Paris-Normandie12 days before the second round of the municipal elections. If
Emmanuel Macron think I need to continue my mission at Matignon, I will assume my responsibilities, ” he continued, ahead of a major government reshuffle, which seems to be balance, its fate after three years at the functions.

A popularity on the rise

The head of State ” knows who I am, what I play, what can I do and what I can’t do that. If he thinks someone else is more useful, I will respect his choice in all loyalty “, has still insured Edouard Philippe. “Therefore, I say unto you, that if the voters trust me, I’ll be back in le Havre. Later in may 2022, but may be much sooner “, he summarized in an interview in the daily normand.

Edouard Philippe, therefore, has not deviated from the line he had laid down there four and a half months, by declaring that candidate the head of the list in its home port, where he had been elected in the first round in 2014. At the top of the first round on march 15 with 43.6 % of the vote,
in front of its competitor, communist Jean-Paul Lecoq (35,88 %)the Prime minister has since been manoeuvring in the crisis of the epidemic, with the passage of a strong rise of its popularity at the national level. A poll by Ifop published last week in the credits of 53 % of voting intentions, but the unknown of the abstention poses a high degree of uncertainty.

A prime minister ” full-time “

During the next few days of the campaign, it will remain a ” Prime minister full-time, it is obvious, especially in the current circumstances “, he assured, stating to have ” suitable (s) program in order to take account of the new context of crisis “.

Edouard Philippe promises as well in the “first six months” of his mandate a ” considerable effort to help individuals, businesses, associations, actors of cultural life, to young people who (…) were able to find “. Egratignant the “agreements of parties” and “negotiation machines” of his opponent a communist, who will be supported in person by the leader of the Rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon Friday, Philippe claimed to have “the luck not to be a member of a political party” in order not to ” worry about those kinds of things composer (s) list “. As for his campaign, it will be full of ” meetings “, ” calls “, ” wanderings “… ” I count a lot on the debate of the next week to compare projects “, has still slipped Edouard Philippe.


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