News Edition Thionville - Hayange | The arsonist was a...

Edition Thionville – Hayange | The arsonist was a firefighter volunteer


The case began last year in Luxembourg. A caregiver 24-year-frenchman was arrested by the police grand-ducale, which is suspected to have started the fire in two retirement homes. During his custody, he shall know of the facts, but admit also two other fires, in a retirement home in Florange and in the cottage of his grand-father, also in Florange. It is for these last two facts that this Florangeois appeared on Tuesday before the correctional court of Thionville, those committed to the Luxembourg had already received sentence of three months in prison in this country.

“The residents felt betrayed “

On 27 January 2018, the caregiver, who is said to “have been subjected to disparaging remarks” on the part of his colleagues, the ” dealing of facho “, decides to take revenge by setting fire to the mattress of a resident of the nursing home in The Redwoods where it is used. As soon as the fire alarm sounds, the one who is also a firefighter volunteer will then be activated to contain the fire. And good show for its supposed ability to react to those present.

“This alleged act of heroism also earned him the Medal of courage and dedication, delivered by the prefect of the Moselle in person and in the presence of all the staff “, gag the lawyer of the retirement home. “We had a lot of luck, because the residents were at that time in the refectory. The fire could engulf the establishment or spread of toxic fumes, “says the council, adding that these events have brought” damage to the image of the institution. It has communicated on the topic, said that it was the fault of the resident, a heavy smoker, but he had been saved by a hero. Other residents felt betrayed. “

Need for recognition

On 6 August of the same year, it is the cottage of his grand-father, located in Florange, the young man takes it. The same mode of operation. After having started the fire, he is the first to turn to turn it off when the fire department arrived. “What were your motivations ? “, asked the president of the court, Anne Rupp. “I felt as a kid, I had a need for recognition on the part of my family,” he admits, which may explain in part the need to pretend to be a hero.

The court sentenced him to a sentence of 12 months suspended prison sentence, with the obligation to care, and prohibition to work in a medical facility, and finally to carry on the activity of the firefighter. It will also have to pay the sum of 3 000 € to the nursing home for damages.


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