Economic Crisis Gets Worse, Taliban Expands Wheat Payment Method


As the economic crisis worsens, the Taliban expands its payment method with wheat. PHOTO/India Today

ACCEPTANCE – Government Taliban stated on Tuesday (11/1/2022), that it was expanding its “food for work” program, which uses wheat which was donated to pay thousands of public sector employees.

As Reuters reported, this happened as the financial crisis worsened in Afghanistan. About 40,000 workers are paid about 22 pounds of wheat for five hours of work, agricultural officials told a news conference.

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“We are ready to help our community as much as we can,” said Fazel Bari Fazli, Deputy Minister of Administration and Finance at the Ministry of Agriculture. The plan is that most of the workers are already paid in Kabul and will be expanded across the country.

The Taliban government has received an additional 18 tonnes of wheat from Pakistan on a pledge of 37 tonnes more and is in negotiations with India for 55 tonnes, according to Fazli. “We have many plans for a food for work program,” he said.

International sanctions on members of the Taliban, freezing of central bank assets, and a sudden drop in international aid that was once the backbone of the economy left the Taliban government with limited government finances and a growing economic crisis.

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The United Nations said on Tuesday it needed $4.4 billion in aid for Afghanistan by 2022 to avert a humanitarian catastrophe and offer the ravaged country a future after 40 years of suffering.

“A massive humanitarian catastrophe is looming. My message is urgent: don’t close the door to the Afghan people,” said UN aid chief Martin Griffiths.

“Help us improve and prevent widespread hunger, disease, malnutrition and ultimately death.”



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