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A group of experts urged a decrease in labor informality among women in Latin America and the Caribbean, and increase the female presence in science and technology careers They are positioned as the ‘”new” jobs.

During the last edition of the ForoMET Global Summit, which was held in Panama City, the specialists highlighted the “historical gap” between women and men to access education, the digital world and work, exacerbated by the covid-19 pandemic.

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The percentage of jobs “that can migrate to telework is positively linked to the level of GDP (gross domestic product) per capita and to lower degrees of informality. In our region we have 118 million women who work in the informal sector”Said the regional director for the Americas of UN Women, María Noel Vaeza, in the panel Science, Equity and Prosperity.

Vaeza recalled that “various sources anticipate that up to 75 percent of the jobs will be related to Stem (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), but only the 22 percent of people who work in the field of artificial intelligence globally they are women ”.

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“If before we worked so that in 20 years we would have more women in Stem careers, now we have to see how we guarantee that all informal women have an enterprise with a technological focus,” said the director of the Institute for Women of Panama, Nellys Herrera.

75% of the jobs will be related to Stem, but only 22% of the people who work in the field of artificial intelligence

Herrera pointed out that women have a work “overload” that to alleviate it is necessary “continue to reinforce strategies that guarantee care spaces, that allow women to effectively incorporate themselves into the economic development process, especially for informal women ”.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, only the 46 percent of women work outside the home, compared to 69 percent of men, and it does so with a higher rate of informality, lower wages and greater temporary employment, according to data from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

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The experts analyzed these aspects in the framework of the ForoMET Global Summit, a virtual and face-to-face event that was held in Washington, Medellín and Panama City.

This Friday was the International Day of the Enterprising Woman. The forum connected some 50 world leaders with female entrepreneurs, and there was a dialogue on political leadership, entrepreneurship and Stem women.

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