Technology Echo car: Amazon brings Alexa-voice control in the vehicle

Echo car: Amazon brings Alexa-voice control in the vehicle


The driver wanted to expand your older or not-so-modern vehicles equipped with intelligent systems, was usually only in the grip of the Smartphone. Solutions like Google Auto, Apple CarPlay, or even Amazon, with its Alexa App allow certain commands by voice to carry out to get information to track or navigate. But now, Amazon is offering a according to his own statement, more convenient solution is to bring a voice assistant in the car. Echo car, the new device is available to buy now for 59.99 euros from the Online merchant is.

The inside of the Echo-car

The Echo-car from Amazon is the best with the Echo of Input to compare. This is because, unlike the large models, such as the Echo Show the Echo in the Studio or the Echo of Dot, both devices are not in the position to music to spend – they bring no internal speaker. Instead, the Echo car, with the music system in the vehicle, to connect, and about language and music.

The small rectangular device has on its surface equal to eight microphones to receive voice commands from anywhere in the vehicle. Amazon has not worked according to his own statement, is not it, so that unwanted operational noise such as the air conditioning in the car, the ventilation or traffic noise will affect the operation of the Echo is negative. Whether you actually succeeded, you must show a precise Test of the Echo car.

The Echo car from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Among the other features on the device, a light strip that indicates the Status of the echoes on the basis of the color. Echo-owners will be familiar with this already from the luminous circles of the other Smart Speaker. There are also two buttons, one to turn off the microphone (the strip will then light up red) and an action button. The latter serves, for example, to activate the Bluetooth pairing. To the side is a Micro, you’ll also find a USB port to supply power, as well as a Jack socket for the connection of the Echo car via an AUX cable.

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Alexa optimised specifically for the car

The heart of the Amazon Echo, Auto Alexa. The voice assistant uses the Internet connection, the data connection of the smartphone and offers, on the Whole, the functions, the users know already of the big echoes. Alexa responds to questions, plays music from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer, can be extended about Skills, to be added to the calendar reminders, and when you need it with products on the shopping list.

Some well-known features such as Drop-In, with an Echo-owners may have a different call, not are disabled by default but, in order not to disturb the user during the car ride. You want to use the function, you can switch to the Alexa App but free.

Particularly interesting is also the possibility of Navigation via voice command is likely to be for many drivers. Echo car falls back to the default App of the paired Smartphones, such as Google Maps or Apple maps. With the command “Alexa, take me home” starts the Echo, for example, automatically travel to your place of residence. Drivers can, however, also to the nearest Restaurant or gas stations-with low gasoline prices in a certain radius of ads to navigate.

Echo car vs. Alexa-App

Many of the above functions are also supported by Google Auto, Apple CarPlay, or the Alexa-App. Therefore, the question of why you should be an additional unit for just under 60 Euro purchase for some, maybe.

Amazon, with the Echo of a car especially to those customers who already own an Echo and Alexa on the go don’t want to miss. Home started audio books when you start your journey, for example, precisely the point hear, they were interrupted. Users also have access to all of your lists, your calendar, or similar Orga-Tools, you have already created. But why not just use the App on the Smartphone?

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Compared to tech book Amazon called three advantages compared to the Alexa-App. The Echo car via an AUX input or Bluetooth to the audio System of the vehicle to connect. Music can thus be directly over the in the car built-in speaker, which sounds much better than the small speakers of Smartphones. The Echo car also has eight microphones and voice commands-captures this more accurately and from different directions. Also calls can be run without having the phone in the Hand. Finally, the once set up, Echo Auto at the commencement of the journey can be immediately used to be. The new coupling with the mobile phone is omitted, according to Amazon.

Amazon provides the Echo car including a magnetic holding device which can be in the air vents of the car, and a Car charger to the power supply via the cigarette lighter. Also a Micro-USB cable and an audio cable with a one-Meter length are included in the scope of delivery.



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