Easy Ways to Delete WhatsApp Cache on iPhone so it’s not slow

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User iPhone maybe you’ve experienced phone performance so it’s quite slow when running applications in particular WhatsApp.

One of the causes of this condition can be caused by cache piling up and not being cleared. This problem can of course be solved independently without the need to go to a service center.

How to clear WhatsApp cache on iPhone consists of two options. Please note that the cache is a cache application (temporary) stored in the phone memory.

Cache is very useful to help speed up the process of running all applications and other tools on the phone.

However, if you allow it to accumulate for too long, the cache actually acts better, which is to slow down the performance of the phone.

How to Clear Cache via WhatsApp App

How to clear cache on WhatsApp can be done in two ways, namely through the application and phone settings (Illustration. Photo: DariuszSankowski/Pixabay)

The first way to clear cache is through the WhatsApp application directly without the need to go into settings.

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on the iPhone
  2. Click the three dot icon in the top right corner
  3. Select Settings or Settings
  4. Select the Data and Storage Usage option
  5. Klik Storage Usage
  6. Until this stage you will see the total data capacity used by the application
  7. Then scroll down to view photo data, GIFs, videos, text messages, voice messages, and other files
  8. Select one of the files you want to clean
  9. Then select the Manage option
  10. Click clear to clear cache.

How to Clear Cache via Settings

The next way to clear the WhatsApp cache on the iPhone is through Settings or the phone’s default settings.

  1. Go to Settings on iPhone
  2. Select the General option
  3. Select iPhone storage
  4. Select the WhatsApp application
  5. Klik menu Deleted App
  6. At this stage the phone system will uninstall the WhatsApp application to clear the cache without losing the account
  7. Then go to the App Store
  8. Enter the search field to reinstall WhatsApp
  9. Login to your WhatsApp account as usual by following the given instructions to reuse the app.

In addition to the two methods above, the cache on the iPhone can be quickly cleared through Safari and the process is still from Settings. Here’s the guide:

  • Go to Settings on iPhone
  • Select Safari with a compass-like icon
  • Pilih Clear History and Website Data
  • Klik Clear History and Data
  • At this point all traces of activity and data on the iPhone have been cleaned.

Those are two ways to clear WhatsApp cache on iPhone that you can try to do as needed.

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