Earth Will Have Rings Similar to the Planet Saturn, but Formed from Space Junk

PRIANGAN ZONE – Earth will get a similar ring Saturn, according to a scientist from the US. Ring this will actually be made of rubbishrubbish space.

Various browsing space has led to an increase in the number of satellite and the spacecraft left in orbit Earth, most of which are no longer used alias expired.

As with all human problems, no one ever thought that chaos in space this will be a problem.

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The debris is now in orbit Earth it will take the visual form of a ring, says professor Jake Abbott of the University Utah, US told The Salt Lake Tribune recently.

Earth is forming its own ring,” he said, adding “the ring is made of rubbish.”

This is bad news, because this debris in space is already causing problems for various functions satellite and future rides.

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According to the Space Agency Europe, there are currently as many as 170 million pieces of space debris in orbit Earth.


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