News E-commerce giant Shopify joins Libra Association

E-commerce giant Shopify joins Libra Association


Shopify, a Canadian company, has joined the Libra Association, a digital currency development company for Facebook’s largest social network.

The Shopify blog says the following:

“As a member of the Libra Association, we will work together to create a payment network that will simplify access to finance by supporting merchants and consumers around the world.”

“From the first days I was a fan of Shopify. Glad to see you among the members of Libra. Together with the rest of the participants, we will be able to significantly change things for people and companies from all over the world who need it most ”“Said Calibra CEO David Marcus.

Recall that, due to regulatory uncertainty, Mastercard Visa, eBay, Vodafone and other well-known companies left the Libra project.

Recently it became known that the Libra Association is exploring the possibility of providing the Libra stablecoin with US dollars, rather than a basket of currencies, as originally planned.

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