Düsseldorfer EG loses 0:1 after extra time in Augsburg

0: 1 after extra time in Augsburg
DEG loses the duel of goalkeepers

Mirko Pantkowski and Olivier Roy show one save after the other. It was 0-0 until extra time, in the end DEG lost 0-1 in Augsburg and suffered the second bitter defeat in a row.

Somehow you had already experienced that two days ago. 60 minutes in which the Düsseldorfer EG has the better chances. An overtime in which an opponent is not consistently tackled. A shot, a goal, an unnecessary loss. After the 3:4 against Krefeld on Tuesday, there was now a 0:1 in Augsburg. That brought a point each, but no one on the Düsseldorf side should have been particularly happy with it.

Mirko Pantkowski could at least be with himself. Except for Adam Payerl’s winning goal in the second minute of extra time, the DEG goalkeeper had saved everything and had a kind of private duel with Augsburg’s Olivier Roy, who was also strong. No matter what happened, the two still got a leg, an arm, a glove, a shoulder, a stick or whatever on the puck. Together they fended off 69 shots – many of them in dire need.

It started off quite calmly, there weren’t really any highlights in the first third – at least when big chances are meant. What there was, on the other hand, was in abundance: dogged duels and running duels, illegal long-range shots and offside positions. On the one hand, this was due to the fact that there were numerous inaccuracies and stick errors, and on the other hand to the very attentive defensive lines, which were narrow and threw themselves into shots. In addition, both sides completely renounced risk. They usually played deep at the first opportunity, but then didn’t get into the duels quickly enough behind the opponent’s goal. The defenders had long since cleared the disc. Long phases of puck possession or even pressure were therefore rare. And certainly no one came into the zone directly in front of the goal. It only got really dangerous two or three times.

That didn’t really fit with Augsburg versus Düsseldorf, as the game usually guaranteed a spectacle in the end. Also in this season proud 15 goals were scored in the first two duels. Last April, DEG also won 7:1 at AEV. In return, he won 7-1 against DEG in spring 2019. In the playoffs, that was when the two teams fought a hard-fought seven-game quarterfinal series. With the better end for Augsburg.

Since then, DEG has not experienced a single play-off game. In 2020 the season was canceled beforehand, in 2021 the Düsseldorf team did not qualify. Now it should work again. And so far it’s looking pretty good. Despite the series of losses around the turn of the year, DEG is in ninth place in the German ice hockey league – which says something after 41 of 58 games.

However, the problem lately has been that the teams from the bottom of the table have been scoring more and more. Also against the DEG. Although they beat top teams like Berlin, Mannheim, Munich and Wolfsburg, they lost to Iserlohn, Bietigheim, Schwenningen and most recently to Krefeld. The Augsburgers are also in there, and again it didn’t work.

That was not to be guessed in the second third. It went on as balanced as it was goalless. At least there were penalties and a few opportunities. Daniel Fischbuch, Brendan O’Donnell and Carter Proft had the best for DEG, Adam Payerl one for the hosts, but Mirko Pantkowski safely grabbed the catch hand.

At least as good was his opponent Olivier Roy. Already in the second third the experienced Canadian saved several times in dire need, in the final section again against O’Donnell and Tobias Eder. Unsurprisingly, both opportunities came outnumbered. In five-a-side, little happened in front of the gates. The greatest chances for Augsburg were also in the power play. Pantkowski held strong several times. It was already a duel between the goalkeepers who didn’t allow anything even after 60 minutes. So extra time had to decide, in which Pantkowski was then defeated.

Augsburg Panther – Düsseldorfer EG 1:0 aet (0:0, 0:0, 0:0, 1:0)

YOU: Goal: Pantkowski (Hane); Defense: Heinzinger, Nowak – Cumiskey, Geitner – Järvinen, Ebner; Attack: Eder, Barta, Ehl – Proft, MacAulay, D’Amigo – O’Donnell, Svensson, Fischbuch – Bittner, Olson, Schiemenz – Mayenschein

Referee: Kopitz/Reneau

Tore: 1:0 (61:31) Payerl (Bergman, Roy)

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