Duh, SpaceX Called ‘Hide’ Earth-threatening Asteroids


SpaceX continue to increase the number of satellite constellations Starlink to transmit the internet from space to Earth. However, criticism continues to arrive regarding these activities, the latest is in terms of monitoring asteroid.

Astronomers warn that the Starlink satellites could interfere with their ability to detect asteroids heading toward Earth. This is considered worrying if one day there is a dangerous asteroid that cannot be detected due to the Starlink statelit.

In a new study published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, astronomers found a collection of 5,301 satellites, many of which are Starlink satellites. Observations were made with the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) super wide camera.

Well, the majority of these satellites appear in observation at dusk, a crucial period in tracking potentially dangerous asteroids coming from the sun. Fortunately for now, the risk is still relatively small.

“There is a small chance that we will fail to detect an asteroid or other event behind the satellite collection, but compared to impacts from weather, such as cloudy skies, the effect is still low,” said Tom Prince, professor of physics at Caltech University.

Previously, Samantha Lawler as assistant professor of astronomy at the University of Regina stated that about 1 in 15 rays in space are satellites and not stars. This has the potential to disrupt research scientists because of confusion.

“This will undermine astronomical research and will completely change the night sky around the world,” he said detikINET from Futurism.

While Starlink and its competitors do present the benefits of providing internet access to many areas of the world, it is necessary to enforce rules to minimize visible satellites in space.

So far, SpaceX has launched nearly 1,500 internet satellites Starlink and the likelihood will continue to increase in the future.

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