Duh, 1,400 Bank KB Bukopin Employees Resigned, What’s Up?

Jakarta – A total of 1,400 employees of PT Bank KB Bukopin Tbk decided to resign. Bukopin KB Corporate Secretary Tias Hardi explained that this resignation was voluntary and without coercion.

Tias said that this resignation program is one of the steps taken by KB Bukopin to carry out transformation, including the human resources (HR) aspect.

The voluntary resignation program ended in December 2021. The remaining employees of Bank KB Bukopin are 4,800 employees.

“Many employees, especially in this modern era, maybe many employees have thought of becoming entrepreneurs, businessmen, entrepreneurs, or maybe there are those who have the principle of wanting to move industries, not in banks anymore,” said Tias, January 21, 2021.

Furthermore, KB Bukopin also offers more benefits for employees who voluntarily resign. One of them is the payment of severance pay which is higher than the severance pay.

Then, the employee’s individual and family insurance will also be covered, up to 6 months after resignation. KB Bukopin also provides training to employees who participate in the voluntary resignation program.

Editor: Rezkiana Eg

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