Technology DualSense: Sony shows the new controller of the PlayStation...

DualSense: Sony shows the new controller of the PlayStation 5


Picture: Sony

Even before the game console was designed, Sony introduced the controller of the PlayStation 5 with the DualSense. With its two-tone design, Sony is opening a new chapter after years of black controllers. The DualSense offers haptic feedback, adaptive shoulder buttons for L2 and R2, a larger touchpad and microphones.

Sony has installed new vibration motors in the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller, which should provide realistic haptic feedback. Sony cites the rough surface as an example when driving through open terrain. DualSense follows DualShock, where two vibration motors are responsible for the vibrating effect. No information is yet available on the technical implementation of DualSense, Sony is probably using a linear actuator like the Taptic Engine in the iPhone.

Adaptive triggers stretch the bow

Adaptive triggers are used for the shoulder buttons L2 and R2, which should also put the player deeper into the game. Adaptive triggers ensure that a feeling of tension is created in the finger, for example when Lara Croft tightens her bow in Tomb Raider. The adaptive triggers should also play an important role in racing games. According to Sony, developers are currently being supplied with the final design of the controller so that they can optimize their games accordingly.

Adaptive trigger of the DualSense controller

DualSense controller of the PlayStation 5

Height and weight were challenges

By adding new features, Sony has faced design, weight, and size challenges, the company explains. Several concepts and hundreds of prototypes have been tested. The aim of Sony was to develop a controller that has been tested with numerous hand sizes and is very comfortable and ergonomic, which players feel as part of themselves when they play.

The designers also had the task of making the controller appear smaller in the hand than it looks in pictures. To do this, Sony slightly adjusted the angle of the triggers and the grips. With these measures, however, you always had a long battery life in mind, but still wanted to reduce the weight as much as possible. At the moment, Sony has not yet given any information about the battery life, dimensions or weight of the controller.

Create button replaces share button

With regard to the buttons, the share button appears to have been removed at first glance, but in fact it has now been renamed the Create button. The button is intended to give players new features for creating and sharing content, and more details are to be revealed as the PlayStation 5 launches closer to the holiday season.

Create button of the DualSense controller
Create button of the DualSense controller (Image: Sony)

Sony has announced, however, that microphones in the controller can be used for conversation with friends if a headset is not available. For longer conversations, however, Sony recommends the classic headset. Another new feature in the design of the DualSense controller is that the colored lightbar is no longer on the top, but now flanks the larger touchpad on the front.

Technical details on the PlayStation 5

Sony announced most of the technical details for the PlayStation 5 in mid-March. Now the only thing missing is the design of the console itself.


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