Entertainment DSDS (RTL): great! When candidate does DAS, Dieter Bohlen...

DSDS (RTL): great! When candidate does DAS, Dieter Bohlen calls security


DSDS (RTL): brazen! When candidate does DAS, Dieter Bohlen calls security

DSDS: This is the story of the casting show

The upcoming superstars have been sought by DSDS since 2002. We look back on the history of the TV show

show description

Tears, joy, embarrassing moments, funny jury sayings. DSDS is back at the start. And of course again: Dieter Bohlen. For the 17th time, the pop titan sits behind the famous RTL jury panel.

And right in the first casting episode, he has a blatant idea.

at DSDS Dieter Bohlen is obviously becoming more daring. At least the 65-year-old Instagram star wants to persuade one of his colleagues to take an adventurous action. We’re talking about none other than Pietro Lombardi.

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The DSDS jury 2020:

  • Dieter Bohlen
  • Pietro Lombardi
  • Xavier Naidoo
  • Oana Nechiti


DSDS-Casting (RTL): When SHE appears, Dieter Bohlen bursts the bomb

When 18-year-old Júlia Kramárová from Vienna steps in front of the DSDS jury, Dieter Bohlen cannot hold on to himself. But from the beginning:

Júlia comes from Slovakia and has only been living in the Austrian capital for two months. For five years she has been passionate about singing, playing the piano and fitness.

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Then Dieter Bohlen suddenly has a flash of thought: “If she sings well, Pietro has to jump into the lake.” And she can sing well – well, off to the water with Pietro!


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Dieter Bohlen calls security man

With another candidate, the pop titan is no longer joking. Justin (18) from Münsterland is a real chatterbox. He gives a hit hit for the best. However, he does not convince the jury with his vocal performance.

For Dieter Bohlen, the verdict is clear: “You can’t sing at all!”. His voice sounds old-fashioned, his performance not worth mentioning. “Everything was nothing, what should I evaluate?” Asks the pop titan.

Even then, Justin finds it difficult to put up with the harsh words. He repeatedly interrupts the jury and wants to discuss. “I think what you are saying is blatant!” When dancer Oana Nechiti wants to pass her judgment, Justin goes one step further. He grabs the piano stool and sits quietly, provocatively. Then he demands water (which he doesn’t get) – and then simply takes the glass from Xavier Naidoo.

Dieter Bohlen is enough! He immediately calls a security man to accompany Justin outside. So the 18-year-old definitely didn’t imagine his appearance.


This is Dieter Bohlen:

  • Born in 1954 in Berne
  • Dieter Bohlen began his career as a musician and composer in the 1970s
  • 1984 first hits with “Modern Talking”
  • 2002 DSDS juror for the first time – meanwhile Bohlen is the face of the show


Candidate shows Pietro Lombardi how to do it

And there is another candidate for conversation: Rebecca Miess from Düsseldorf. The 21-year-old was an artistic gymnast in her younger years, can still do a splendid balancing act and actually wants to show Pietro Lombardi how to do it.

Pietro Lombardi is properly challenged

First the lake, then the bending action: Pietro Lombardi has a lot to do in this DSDS season.

And that’s not the only thing that Dieter Bohlen says he should do. What the chief judge envisions for the singer you can find out here >>>

The next episode of DSDS can be seen on RTL on Saturday from 8.15 p.m. Even before the new season was broadcast, Dieter Bohlen revealed what the audience could expect in the edition of the casting show. It should be particularly explosive in the recalls, which take place against an exotic beach backdrop. You can read more about it HERE >>>



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