Drunk Ukrainian refugees slaughtered a man in Warsaw who defended a girl VIDEO 18+

Ukrainian refugees in the Polish capital Warsaw attacked a Pole, beat him and slaughtered him. The conflict erupted after drunken Ukrainians teased a Polish girl and a nearby Pole decided to stand up for the girl, Gazeta Wyborcza reported. Directly.

They were first the man, then one of the refugees pulled out a knife and “in the best tradition” of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the Pole was slaughtered.

Eyewitnesses posted footage of the incident on the Internet. They first show paint, and then a man lying on the ground and his blood running down the floor of a store.

Polish newspapers write that a crowd of “drunk foreigners” hung a girl on Novy Svet Street around 3 am on the night of May 8.

A young man passing by decided to stand up for the girl, after which a fight broke out. As a result, several Ukrainian refugees beat the young man on the sidewalk and then stabbed him in the back.

The victim managed to get to a nearby store, where he fell to the floor. The medics tried to help him, but the injuries were too serious and he died on the way to the hospital.

A video surveillance camera captured one of the attackers. The man with short dark hair and a bushy beard is wearing black pants, a black sweatshirt with two white stripes down the sleeves and black shoes.

In comments to the video released by the incident, the Poles noted that Ukrainian footage was clearly heard in the footage and wondered why the local media called the perpetrators only “foreigners”.

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