Draguignan emergency: after thirteen weeks, the mobilization does not weaken

More than 80 days after the emergency services closed at night (between 8:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m.), the mobilization of the “Urgences Hôpital Dracénie” collective has not weakened. Again on Friday, at the end of the afternoon, there were more than twenty of them meeting in front of the Dracénie Hospital Center (CHD) to maintain the pressure and request a meeting with local elected officials and the ARS (Regional Agency health). It must be said that concern is growing within the collective (1).

“We have information coming from the field, indicating that all vital emergencies would not be taken into account at night in Draguignan”, loose Frédéric Duthé, treasurer of the Departmental Union (UDS) CGT. However, since October 29 and the night closure of the service, the directives remain the same: only absolute emergencies continue to be treated as indicated by the hospital on its Facebook page: “emergencies are reserved for the most serious cases”.

6.000 signatures

The announcement of 19 million euros in investments within the framework of Ségur de la santé did not really reassure them. “She did not allow the reopening of the emergency department. Our hospitals are in agony. The slightest penny is good to take, but what is needed today is 10% hiring in all the categories”, insists a representative of the CGT alongside a colleague from Sud Santé.

In this regard, a petition for the reopening of emergencies has been circulating for several weeks. “We have 6,000 signatures. It’s a start, mobilization is difficult, but the goal is to be present, to continue the fight.” A motion was also sent to local elected officials in Dracénie and parliamentarians. “Two deputies from Var out of eight responded”, slips, disappointed, a union representative who regret the “liberal vision of parliamentarians to the detriment of public service”.

“Political decisions are not going in the right direction to hope for a more serene future”, continues Frédéric Duthé before adding that no senator has responded to the motion. “Why?”, he asks himself. Another subject that has been making a lot of noise within the establishment for a few weeks: psychiatry. There too, the service is sorely lacking in doctors. One of them has just left the establishment.

Psychiatry: a departure, an arrival?

“Of the eight full-time positions, 5.6 were occupied three years ago. Today, we are at 3.6. A new doctor is being recruited. It is almost done, which would bring the effective at 4.6”, says a representative of Sud Santé.

A breath of fresh air which, according to caregivers, could perhaps attract new recruits in order to maintain the supply of care. “Any new doctor will find a team behind him who will support him”, they assure. “Psychiatry affects everyone. Many individuals have suffered from the health crisis, we must remain mobilized to guarantee access to psychiatric care.”

1. The collective is made up of the CGT, FSU and Sud Solidaires trade unions, the associations Ciné-débats citoyen, Cadac, Secours populaire, Ligue des droits de l’homme, the citizens’ collective Yellow Vests and the political organizations PCF, EELV, GRS, LFI and NPA.

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