Draft sanctions against Russia submitted to US Congress

Any actions to invade the Russian troops will entail serious consequences – Mix

The sanctions affect Russian President Vladimir Putin, Nord Stream 2, Russian public debt.

Gregory Meeks, chairman of the US House of Representatives Committee, introduced a bill on sanctions against Russia in the event of a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. Project published on site International Committee of the US House of Representatives.

“Committee Chairman Meeks introduced a draft law on further punishment of the economy and other consequences for Russia in the event of further invasion or undermining of Ukrainian sovereignty,” the release says.

The sanctions restrictions, in particular, affect the leadership of Russia, including President Vladimir Putin, at least three financial institutions, the Russian mining industry, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and the Russian public debt.

Legislators also propose to provide defense assistance to Ukraine in an accelerated mode.

Russia’s continued military build-up, both on the border with Ukraine and in Belarus, is an act of aggression as reckless as it is worrisome. make it clear that any action by Russian troops to invade sovereign territory will have serious consequences,” Meeks said.

The EU has prepared large-scale sanctions against the Russian Federation in case of aggression

Recall that Ukraine introduced sanctions against Russian designer Artemy Lebedev. The restrictions include blocking assets and preventing the outflow of capital from Ukraine.

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