Doubts about positive test Novak Djokovic: numbers are wrong | Tennis

sport">The 34-year-old number 1 in the world handed over a positive corona test on arrival in Melbourne, which would have been taken in Serbia on December 16. Six days later, on December 22, 2021, he tested negative for the coronavirus. German researchers found that the confirmation code on the letter from the first test is higher than the code on the letter from the second test and spoke of “the time travel of Djokovic’s corona tests.”

Test Proofs

sport">From BBC requested the data of a few dozen Serbs who did a corona test in recent months. This shows that the Serbian test evidence does indeed contain a code that increases over time. Djokovic’s positive corona test does not match the numbers of other corona tests on a timeline, says the BBC. Based on the code, the positive test would have been taken sometime between December 25 and 28, if the code is correct.

sport">The British broadcaster presented the results to Serbian health authorities and Djokovic’s management, but none of them have explained the discrepancy.


sport">Data expert Djordje Krivokapic tells the BBC that it is possible that a malfunction has occurred, which could explain the prominent number on Djokovic’s test certificate. “But if that’s the case, there would be a simple explanation. I don’t see why the authorities wouldn’t just say that,” Krivokapic said.

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